The Artist here will not be named for reasons I cannot understand. All I can say is that he’s a young American man living in Germany and gets by as a bartender and cook. He wants to be a writer and claims he wrote a book but won’t talk much about it. As for the creative process in making these macabre images, he says he’ll write until he can’t anymore due to sadness and exhaustion and then makes the drawings in a bar around the corner as a means to drain himself. It seemed as though he was constantly under the influence. All in all he was a very peculiar guy but clearly knew his stuff.

When asking if he could explain the specifics in some of the pieces, he replies that he simply wanted to illustrate the world as he saw it. When I asked for him to go into further detail, he refused. I guess I’m lucky that he said that much on account that he wouldn’t even tell me what his writing was about.

If you ask me, these works of art are a warning to how society mistreats its people and that more and more of us feel broken and shattered everyday with very little in the sense of coping mechanisms. I hope he never stops!

What do you think?!

No more Dreams. A broken world.

Do not rebel. I feed off your misery.

I have seen. What we’re living for.

I can still work.

We are sick. We need help.

He claims this is what he sees outside of his window.

Apparently, this is a self portrait.

I wasn’t allow to take a picture of this so I had to rush. Sorry for the bad quality. Apparently this one comes from his writing notes.

Same with this one.

And so forth.

straight from the sketchbook.

I wonder where he’ll go with this one?