A few years ago, Greek army man Anthimos Ntagkas tried street photography and he instantly got hooked. He was fascinated with the way people acted when they were unaware of his existence. Capturing the true identity of a person became the main goal of his unique photography works but over time, he developed the skill to do so in ever more creative ways.

"The photographs that I find the most interesting are the ones that employ juxtaposition," Ntagkas told Bored Panda. "The connection between two different themes or even more inside one powerful image is very intriguing."

Even though his creative ideas are influenced by a lot of masters of the craft, Anthimos' main concern has always remained to come up with something completely different. And you could say he's gotten pretty darn good at it. Each of his interesting photos seems to tell a different story and the ability to explore different themes through his work is what makes him believe he'll never lose interest in photography.

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"When I first started to take photos, I used to find a place in the streets that I liked and wait for people to come by. But this has changed. Nowadays, I don't choose the place, but I make every location work for me. I combine people with elements everywhere I stand."

However, Ntagkas thinks that street photography and documentaries are two different things. "Street photography is more artistic and creative. It is not only capturing the moment and the people in the streets but you also have to be an artistic director in order to combine people and elements in a fascinating perspective."

The man appreciates street photography because he believes that anyone can do it. "[You don't] need professional equipment and lessons. Over time, one can improve and become an expert creating cool photos while in other genres of photography, you can't infuse your own style and personality as much."

So if you've ever dreamed of immersing yourself in the crowd and walking away with pictures of the way you saw it, take it from the man and just go along with your photo ideas.

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