My moniker is Sath. I am a Bangkok-based Spanish-born painter and graphic designer. I have been painting on the streets for over a decade now, always trying to capture reality while twisting it my own way, usually sharing the satirical yet humorous results openly with bystanders; actions of everyday life, through slightly surreal figurative elements.

Most of my works are inspired by the location where the intervention is carried out, sometimes an object, a texture or a hole in a wall. In other cases, the artwork title (usually a pun) leads me to represent the idea and search for the right place to express it.

My communication tools are mainly spray cans, although sometimes I also use brushes or rollers especially when using acrylic paint at the studio.

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Mallorca (Spain, 2012)

I Be-leaf In You

Penang (Malaysia, 2015)

Hole Shit!

Bangkok (Thailand, 2014)


Bangkok (Thailand, 2013)


Invisible Friend

Bangkok (Thailand, 2015)

Love Is In The H-air

Mallorca (Spain, 2014)

Graverdad Cero

Bangkok (Thailand, 2014)

Bynary System

Mallorca (Spain, 2013)


Penang (Malaysia, 2015)


Bangkok (Thailand, 2014)

Se trasPasa

Mallorca (Spain, 2010)


Bangkok (Thailand, 2014)

Blind Wall | Avestruz

Penang (Malaysia, 2015) | Mallorca (Spain, 2007)


Bangkok (Thailand, 2014), with Alex Face


Mallorca (Spain, 2007)