The communal office fridge can be an absolute minefield for work relationships. A site of countless crimes, passive-aggressive communication and disputes, it is unrivaled as a source of workplace drama, intrigue and conspiracy.

It’s no surprise then that while politicians and media around the world are furiously pointing fingers over the Skripal poisoning, without presenting a shred of actual evidence to support their claims, regular folk are gripped instead by a much more relatable affair. Who stole the shrimp fried rice?

Twitter user Zak Toscani narrated the tale in a series of hilarious tweets, beginning with the bombshell revelation that the victim of the crime had been given access to the security camera, and the lunch thief would be positively identified beyond doubt. Evidence. A smoking gun.

In a series of shocking updates, the mystery slowly unfolds and we discover that the culprit did not in fact even eat the stolen lunch. It was taken out of the fridge and thrown directly into the bin, buried beneath the trash as to remain out of sight. What can this mean? An act of revenge from a scorned lover? A militant vegan, protesting for shrimp rights? And what is an appropriate punishment for this seemingly psychopathic behavior?

So many questions, so much drama. “It’s been awesome,” Toscani told the BBC about the affair. “I think so many people have responded to it because everyone who works in shared office spaces have maybe encountered something similar.” 

Scroll down below to see how it all unfolded and let us know what you think in the comments. Has your office fridge ever been the center of a similar mystery? Feel free to share your story!

Zak Toscani found himself in the middle of an intense office drama recently

And he decided to tweet the entire episode

Here’s how people reacted to the affair