There’s a lot of amazing recycled art out there, but French artist Edouard Martinet stands out with his unique, recognizable steampunk style and pain-staking perfectionism and attention to detail. The insects and other critters that he crafts from spare car parts look like fantastic creatures out of an alternate retro universe.

Martinet collects old spare parts and scrap metal at flea markets and car part sales. He then assembles these repurposed materials into beautiful insects and other animals. His pieces can take anywhere from a month to seventeen years – he is obsessed with finding just the right part for his wonderful sculpture art. What’s more, he does not solder his unique art the way that many other recycled material artists do – he finds parts that fit perfectly or near-perfectly and mostly uses screws to link them together.

Martinet is careful about the aesthetics of the parts he chooses for his beautiful sculptures as well. Most of them seem to be from older or even vintage cars/appliances. They give off the unmistakable cool of 1950s cars or motorcycles that couldn’t be achieved if he used just any old parts.

As amazing as Martinet’s work is, he’s not the only talented master of recycled parts – check out Susan Beatrice’s work with old watch parts, Christopher Locke’s brass-instrument iPhone amplifiers, and the steampunk interior design at Truth Cafe.