Even if you’re not a die-hard steampunk style fan, you’ll still be able to appreciate the incredibly fine and meticulous craftsmanship that goes into Susan Beatrice’s miniature scrap metal artwork. Beatrice recycles or “upcycles” old watch parts, turning them into beautiful sculptures that are brimming with the industrial-era Victorian mythos.

Part of the appeal of her creative designs is her ability to pull elegant and organic forms out of rigid and lifeless machinery. Gears, ratchets, and other miniature technical watch innards are skillfully crafted into a horse’s neck, a graceful woman, or even a lion’s face. Some of the pictures showcasing the artist’s sculpture art feature her hand, which highlights just how small of a scale she works.

Susan Beatrice runs a blog, All Natural Arts. It’s definitely worth visiting, as these unique artworks are only a few of the many diverse and eclectic works that the artist has created. She can also be found on Facebook.

Source: All Natural Arts (via)