These copper pipes, gears, and steel railings are not from the cool design of an ironclad battleship or WWI factory – they‘re part of the brilliant interior design of Truth Coffee‘s cafe in Cape Town.

The idea works in part because the coffee equipment used by Truth Coffee, with its various pipes and levers, already lends itself to a steampunk style aesthetic. The cool restaurant features authentic elements and accents like old bookcases, candlestick telephones, vintage typewriters, gas-masks, and other gizmos and gadgets. Even the staff pictured wear popular steampunk style elements like leather aprons, top-hats, and goggles.

The restaurant interior design was dreamed up together with designer Haldane Martin, who was approached by Truth Coffee to design a cafe in keeping with their re-branding efforts. With unique design restaurants and cafes that look this much fun, I‘d say they‘re doing a good job!

Source: Truth Coffee | Haldane Martin (via colossal)