Being a stay at home mom creative makes my mind race with possibilities. I have always been fascinated with steampunk, with help from Lindsey Stirling’s Roundtable Revival music video back in 2014 to get me the jump I needed, I started dreaming up outfits. Lots of late night sewing and Goodwill hunting and a couple of years and babies later I was ready! I have some awesome supportive family and friends and one saint of a husband to go along with it all. My friend, Joanne Hines, make up expert, 2 skillful hair artists for nieces, Rylee Ashton and Hanna Nelson. A great sister baby wrangler, Kortni Nelson, and a good friend, Heather Gessele, to be my tripod and camera skills for the group shots. It takes a village! I am so thrilled with the outcome and am excited about the next shoot, even if it takes me a few more years to get it together. But this one is going big on top of my mantel!

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