A picture of a squirrel captured posing like some kind of superhero has started a hilarious Photoshop battle. While some portrayed the animal as a fighter or a character from X-Men, others photoshopped it to look like the squirrel is doing something casual such as cleaning a classroom or playing pool with its mates. In some of the pictures, the squirrel was enlarged to look like some kind of giant who is destroying human cities. There were captions saying ‘none of us are safe now’. Yup, one thing is sure - you better get ready for squirrel attack, because, judging by these pictures, they’re everywhere and they’re coming for you!


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#2 Pretty Much Every Marvel Film Ever!

Pretty Much Every Marvel Film Ever!

SirWilly77 Report

Kjorn 1 year ago

A dog killed his wife. and now the dog will learn there's a squirrell you don't want to pissed off... A Michael Bay movie!

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#3 Furbender


daveinsf Report

Grace Bohmer 1 year ago

omg it looks like ratatosk

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#4 Please Do Not Feed The Squirrels

Please Do Not Feed The Squirrels

Mmmmmmmmmmmatt Report

Anna Brandigi 1 year ago

Or at least don't feed them plutonium

#5 Up And Coming Fighter

Up And Coming Fighter

ypoo Report

Kjorn 1 year ago

a worthy opponent to GSP

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#6 The Hero We Deserve

The Hero We Deserve

santorumsandwich Report

siriuslyafangirl 1 year ago


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#7 Cleaning Up

Cleaning Up

larrow11 Report

Alex Rector 1 year ago

"I don't ever get any respect around here."

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#8 Run Squirrel, Run!

Run Squirrel, Run!

cagey_dev Report

Hans 1 year ago

Finally a challenger for Bolt. But did he dope on nuts?

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#9 Samurai Squirrel

Samurai Squirrel

SmileyFace Report

Jamal W 1 year ago

The real Master Splinter lol

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