We all know the classic idiom ‘never judge a book by its cover.’ Sadly, many people choose to ignore this sage piece of advice and make snap assumptions based purely on appearance, only to end up looking pretty stupid.

This was the case recently for Twitter user Anita Cox, who reached some quite astonishing conclusions from a cover pic for Everglade Angels, an upcoming graphic novel by Blake Northcott, Scott Lobdell and Roc Upchurch.

The picture in question is one of Blake’s characters, a woman of, ahem, generous proportions in the chest area, wielding a baseball bat. Blake commissioned the super talented Leila Leiz to do the cover because “she illustrates the female figure so beautifully, and I wanted a fun, sexy, 90s vibe for Everglade Angels.”

Image credits: QueenAnitaCox

From this image alone, Cox managed to speculate on Blake and Leila’s gender, nationality, location of beard, sexual activity, education and voting preference. Pretty impressive levels of projecting really, especially considering that her Twitter bio says things like “never hate, Anti comicHATE  and “here to love + educate.”

In other words, Cox judged the hell out of this book by its cover!

Understandably miffed, Blake decided to set the record straight. She posted a polite but firm reply which was in fact so hilariously passive-aggressive and revealing that it is simply a must-read.

Image credits: BlakeNorthcott

Image credits: BlakeNorthcott

Image credits: BlakeNorthcott

Image credits: BlakeNorthcott

Someone get some balm for that burn!

Blake told Bored Panda that the outlandish criticism didn’t anger her, she was simply shocked by all the wayward assumptions. “I’m used to dealing with trolls but not as often as you’d think,” she told us. “Comic book fans are usually pretty cool and laid back.”

“I don’t like to respond to people like this because it encourages others to jump on board and start a flame war, but this one was just too funny to pass up. Plus it was a total softball, no pun intended. I saw the chance to smash it out of the park so I swung. Glad I made a couple of people laugh in the process!”

Blake managed to drop in a few cheeky plugs for the comic during her sarcastic response, which does honestly look pretty awesome. Everglade Angels is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and will be shipped out around Halloween! You can check it out here.

“The story is about a girls softball team that takes a shortcut through the Florida Everglades, and veer off the path towards a night they’ll never forget – drinking, dancing – one last hurrah before college starts and they go their separate ways,” Blake told us.

“When they stumble into a trap set by a murderous cult, the stage is set for a night of blood-soaked carnage – but the cult has never dealt with victims who are ready to fight back… while the girls might not have home-field advantage, they have a game-changing surprise of their own!”

So it turns out that Cox, with her bizarre trolling, didn’t just fail spectacularly with her misplaced assumptions about Everglade Angels, she actually ended up giving it plenty more publicity in the process!

Perhaps there is a use for trolls after all?

Here’s what people had to say about the bizarre and hilarious exchange

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