Kala and Keira, two shelter dogs who were hours from certain death by euthanization, proved that hugs can save lives. Two hours and six minutes after a photo of Kala, the brown dog, hugging her friend was posted on Facebook, they found a foster home willing to take them in and save them from certain death.

Their photo was shared by Angels Among Us, a pet rescue in Georgia that saves dogs and cats from other high-kill shelters in the rest of the state. Along with their heartfelt plea, their photo sent a powerful message: these dogs, and many others just like them, need your help!

More info: angelsrescue.org | Facebook | Twitter

Kala and Keira were hours from death, but this hug saved their lives

Two hours and six minutes after it was shared, the viral pic found them a foster home

They’ve proven that miracles DO happen!