At first it was strange, but now the term "selfie" has become normal in our daily lives. Selfie is nothing more than a photo that a person takes of himself, whether it's at home, eating, at a soccer stadium, on the beach, or wherever he/she is.

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With the increase in the use of smartphones and the large number of social networks, selfies have become a world's fever. But have you ever wondered who was the first person to take a "selfie"? It was Robert Cornelius who took the first daguerreotype in North America. It is believed to be the first photographic self-portrait. You will find him on this list which proves that selfies are nothing really new!

#1 Rowan Atkinson, 1987

Rowan Atkinson, 1987


John L 1 year ago

Mr. Bean to the rescue, as always......

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#2 Marilyn Monroe, 1962

Marilyn Monroe, 1962


AmStick 1 year ago

Eternal beauty!

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#5 Frank Sinatra, 1930s

Frank Sinatra, 1930s

Sinatra Family Archive Report

SnoopyCereal 1 year ago

And so, the bathroom selfie was born.

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#7 Linda, Paul And Mary McCartney, 1969

Linda, Paul And Mary McCartney, 1969


Traci Holland 1 year ago

This I love. R.I.P. Linda.

#8 John Lennon, 1967

John Lennon, 1967


John L 1 year ago

Ahh, nothing like a Rollei to get the juices flowing. :D

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#9 Neil Armstrong, 1969

Neil Armstrong, 1969


Ok Ha-Neul 1 year ago

one small step for man one giant leap for social media