For kids, Halloween is perhaps the second most anticipated holiday of the year, following their birthday, of course. Kids love candy and a good fright, so what's there not to love about Halloween? However, it takes more than a creepy jack-o'-lantern these days to scare one.

Sure, you can turn on Coraline (2009), Hocus Pocus (1993), or Frankenweenie (2012) to play in the background while doing your "adult stuff." Or, if you are into some spooky stuff yourself, reading scary stories for kids not only provides them with the desired scares in a safe setting but also bonds you with your little one.

However, finding which scary stories to read might be a tricky task in itself, as many scary stories circulating online might not be kid age-appropriate or too frightening. Therefore, don't just go online looking for scary bedtime stories; make sure they're appropriate to read to your kid because children aged 6 and 16 take scares very differently.

Either way, after reading these scary bedtime stories for kids, be prepared that you might need to leave the lights on in the hallway or be ready for them to sneak into your bed at night. Below, we've compiled plentiful Halloween-themed tales and scary ghost stories for kids for you to choose from. Was there a scary story for kids you've heard in your childhood that still sends shivers down your spine today? Let us know!


A family was camping and left their tent to go on a day hike. They were a few hours from their campsite when a storm suddenly blew up. They became disoriented in the wind and driving rain.

They tried to trace their steps back to the campsite but became lost in the unfamiliar backcountry. Being experienced hikers, they knew once they were lost it was best to stay in one place than wander in the woods, so they prepared to settle down and wait for rescue.

Darkness fell, and the family built a fire to keep warm. As they snuggled up against each other and started to drift off to sleep, they heard a noise coming from the trees.

“Who’s there?” one of the parents called, but there was no answer.

Then they heard the sound again. But once more, when they called out, there was no answer.

“Perhaps it’s someone who can’t speak,” suggested the daughter. So her mom called out, “Is there anyone there? Clap once for yes and twice for no.”

There was one clap.

“You were right,” the parents said to their daughter. “There is someone out there.”

“Are you here to rescue us?” shouted the mom.

Clap clap.

“Are you lost like us?”

Clap clap.

“Do you live out here in the woods?”

Clap clap.

“Let me try,” said the son. “Are you a boy?”

Clap clap.

“Are you a girl?”

Clap clap.

They all looked at each other, puzzled.

Thinking he was being funny, the son asked: “Are you human?”

Clap clap.

Now, the family was scared.

“Are you alone?” called the mom.

Clap clap.

The family huddled together more.

“How many of you are there then?”

Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap….



A young teen is babysitting for a family that is very, very wealthy, in a large mansion filled with a huge number of rooms and a vast number of interesting antiques and artifacts. Strangely, though, the father mentions to the girl that once the children are put to sleep for the night, the girl should only go to the basement and not spend her time in any other rooms of the house. She could watch television down there and be free to do anything else in the basement, but the rest of the house was off-limits.

She goes to the basement once the children are in bed, but quickly notices a large clown statue in the corner of the room. It appears to be staring at her. She continues to watch her show, but can’t shake the feeling that the statue is following her around the room with its eyes. She puts a blanket over the statue eventually in an effort to make herself feel more comfortable and then telephones the father of the children to ask if she can go and move to another room of the house because she’s so freaked out by the clown.

“You need to leave NOW. We don’t own a clown statue. The children have been telling us they’ve been seeing a clown in their room at night, and we thought they were having nightmares. Take the children and get out!”

The young girl hangs up the phone, terrified. She turns around, but the statue is gone, leaving behind only the blanket on the floor.



One night, a man crosses the local cemetery while walking back home. As he passes the gates, he hears a sound, but he doesn’t dare to turn around. The bumping noise follows him, and then he stops to look back. He finds a coffin coming down the road, bumping from side to side!

The coffin clunks along, going “BUMP BUMP BUMP” and follows him to his house. He hides in the bathroom. When the coffin bursts into the bathroom, he grabs the first thing he can find—a bottle of cough syrup. He throws it at the coffin, and the “coffin” stops!



A widowed man and his little son moved into their new home in a faraway town. Their large spacious house was known to be haunted, but the man did not believe it when the locals told him that. While the kid was exploring the house, he reached the kitchen and saw the maid working there. She told him that there could be ghosts in the house and he had to be careful.

The young child then went to his father’s study and asked him if the house had ghosts in it. The father asked, “Who has been telling you all this?” The child replied “Our maid.” The father immediately asked him to pack their bags. When the son asked why, the father replied, “We do not have a maid, son!”



An old abandoned house in a small town was considered haunted. And so, everyone stayed away from it. One man came forward, saying he was brave enough to spend the night alone in the house. As he prepares to bed in the haunted house, he hears a ghostly voice, “I am the ghost of the bloody finger! I am in the front hall.”

The man thinks it could be his imagination, and the sound could be a howling wind. But the voice gets progressively louder as the ghost inches closer to him. “I am in the front hall,” is followed by, “I’m at the bottom of the stairs,” and then, “I’m at the top of the stairs.” Next, he hears the door creak. He covers his head with the blanket in fear. After a few minutes, the voice gently and sociably says, “I am the ghost of the bloody finger! Do you have a band-aid, young man?”



Once upon a time, there was a dark town.

In that dark town, there was a dark neighborhood.

In the dark neighborhood, there was a long dark road.

At the end of the dark road, there was a lonely dark house.

In the dark house, there was a dark room.

In the dark room, there was a narrow, dark closet.

In the dark closet, there was a small dark box.

And in that dark box, there was a Pink Jellybean!



A couple lived with their only son in a house on the outskirts of the city of Spain. The boy’s room had an old television which he would ask to be covered with a cloth every night as he went to sleep. One day, the father asked the boy why he wanted the TV covered at night. The boy said, ”Because that’s where they come from”. The parents ignored the comment, thinking it was his imagination. One night, the parents had to go out, so they hired a babysitter to stay with their son. When they returned late at night, they found the babysitter sitting outside the home, mumbling, “They took him away.” Confused parents rushed into the boy’s room and found that the television cover was off and the boy was gone.



When I was a child, I lived on a street with a haunted house. A large and happy family had lived in the house until one night when one of the children was playing with matches. The youngest boy of the family dropped a lit match on his bed but was too scared to call out for help.

The boy was burned alive under his covers. His parents and two sisters died with him in the flames.

One evening during a sleepover, my friends and I took turns trying to scare each other with ghost stories. It was approaching midnight and, unable to scare each other, we thought it would be fun to go to the haunted house in the dark.

We walked through the gate together and up to what remained of the door, still set in its stone doorframe.

The smell of smoke hung in the air, and thin clouds of ash were being blown in the breeze. But then we realized there was no breeze.

Shapes began to form in the clouds of ash and gray hands reached out from the shapes. As we turned to run, screams rose up out of the ashes. “Help us, we’re burning!” they cried.

We started to run, thinking that as soon as we were clear of the house we would be safe. But the ash shapes and screams followed us. As we neared my home, the smell of burning was almost overwhelming, and as we reached my door, I glanced over my shoulder to see a hand reaching for me.

We piled through my front door, slamming it behind us, and ran up the stairs to my room, slamming that door tight, too. None of us expected to sleep, but the fear had exhausted us and we fell into a deep slumber.

The next morning, in the daylight, we were all much braver. During breakfast, we talked about what happened and came to the conclusion our imaginations had taken over. We decided to walk back to the house in the daylight.

I opened my front door and my mouth dropped in a silent scream. There, on the door, were two large round scorches high on the door, like someone had pounded on it with burning hands. Lower down, there were two smaller sets of handprints as if children with burning hands had pushed against them.

Finally, near the bottom of the door was a tiny set of burnt handprints, as if the youngest little boy had tried in vain to push open the door and get help for his family.



A young girl was travelling by train one late night. There were two old men sitting across her, and an old woman sitting between them, kept staring at her in a weird way. The train stopped at a station and a man, wearing a trench coat, stepped in and sat next to her. The young girl still felt the old woman staring at her continuously while the two old men were least bothered. When the train halted at the next stop, the man in the trench coat grabbed the girl and pushed her on to the station. When the girl began to scream, the man said, ”I am sorry, but I just saved your life, as the old woman was dead and the old men were propping her up”.



The first hotel to have more than thirteen floors had a huge Halloween party to celebrate its opening.

Each floor was set up like a maze, decorated with cobwebs and other Halloween decorations. There were lots of people dressed up as ghosts and ghouls to frighten the partygoers. An exciting prize was hidden on the top floor, and the first person to reach the prize would win it.

Jack and Sophia were two of the partygoers. They worked their way easily through the mazes on the first few floors. As they headed up through the building, the hallways on each floor got darker and scarier.

When they got to the twelfth floor, Jack and Sophia heard a blood-curdling scream. As they made their way through the maze, they heard more screams and cries for help. Finally, in the lobby by the elevators, they saw blood dripping from the ceiling.

The elevator dinged, and the doors slowly opened, which was strange because every other time they used the elevator, the doors had been quick and smooth. The light in the elevator was flickering as they stepped in and, as the doors began to close, the lights went out completely.

And then, screams so loud the entire building heard them begin to ring out. At first, the partygoers thought it was part of the scary Halloween theme. But then, the owners of the building turned on all the lights and asked everyone to return to the lobby.

But when people tried to use the elevator, it never came. The bell would ding, but the doors wouldn’t open, and they were all forced to use the stairs.

Down in the lobby, the building owners explained they had not played the sounds of the screams. And, as they did a check of everyone who had come back, they realized Jack and Sophia had not returned.

Just then, the doors to the elevator opened. It was empty except for Jack’s watch, one of Sophia’s shoes, and a pool of blood. Jack and Sophia were never seen again, and the building owners took away the button for the thirteenth floor, so nobody would disappear there again.



A teenage girl had been babysitting for the same family for a few years. The children were generally well-behaved, and she enjoyed looking after them.

One day the family called the babysitter with a special request.

“My sister and her husband died in an accident, and we have taken in their daughter,” the father said. “She is very quiet after what happened to her parents, but she is no trouble. Would you mind looking after her as well as the other children this Saturday?”

The babysitter said she didn’t mind at all, and on Saturday evening, she went to the family’s house.

The children settled down in bed and they all quickly fell asleep, except the niece. The little girl came back downstairs and asked if she could sit with the babysitter because the monster that killed her parents wouldn’t let her go to sleep.

Thinking the little girl was imagining things, but understanding she had just lost her parents, the babysitter decided to let the little girl sit with her.

Seeing the babysitter’s phone, the little girl asked if she could take some photos with it and the babysitter said yes. The little girl cheered up, just a little, and walked around the room taking photos of her teddy in different spots and snapping sad-looking selfies.

Every now and then the little girl would run back to the babysitter, crying, and asking her to chase away the monster. To make the little girl feel better, the babysitter would pretend to chase it away.

After a while, the little girl could stay awake no longer and fell asleep on the sofa. The babysitter carried her up to the bed, tucked her in, and went back downstairs.

She picked up her phone with the intention of deleting the photos the little girl had taken. But when she began to look at them, she let out a scream. In each of the selfies the little girl had taken, behind her, there was a pair of red eyes staring out of a monster’s face.



A laundress and her husband had recently shifted to a new city and were just settling down. The laundress would hear heavy footsteps outside the window every night and decided to ask her neighbour about it. She told the laundress that a large number of soldiers had died in the nearby hospital during the war and they marched off every night to fight the enemies.

That night when the laundress heard the marching sound, she opened the window and saw a dreadful sight. It was the army of the dead soldiers walking like zombies with horses, cannons and ambulances following them.



A woman became deathly sick the night before Halloween. Before the doctor could reach her, she dies. Her husband fails to attend the funeral due to grief. The vicar buries her.

This greedy vicar decides to cut off her finger and steal the emerald ring in the dead of night. And there comes a twist. The woman was in a coma and not dead. She jumps out of the coffin due to the pain caused by the severing of the finger.

It scares the vicar out of his wits. He runs for his life and falls into a ditch. The woman goes back to her husband, who thinks she is the ghost of his wife. The woman tells her husband the whole story, and they live happily.



A young man goes about looking for a place to live, in the city of New York. Finally, he gets one. When the housekeeper tells him that the room is often occupied by theater people, he asks her if a young woman named Eloise Vashner ever lived there. The housekeeper denies it.

The young man has come to the city to find his lady love, Eloise. He has spent months inquiring with the theater managers, audiences, et al, but in vain.

Once he gets to the furnished room, he sits in his place and sees the former tenants’ belongings and their traces. Suddenly a waft of sweet scent comes to him. He immediately recognizes it as Eloise’s perfume. He goes mad, he talks to the scent, and starts believing that she has been here in the same room. But, he finds nothing. He asks the housekeeper, who again denies knowing anything about her.

Defeated and disappointed, he turns the gas on and awaits death. Meanwhile, the housekeeper tells her friend about him. She says how she did not tell the man that a tenant killed herself in the same room, a week ago, with the gas turned on.



Jane, a young lady, always wears a yellow ribbon around her neck. She never tells anyone, not even her husband, why she wears it. One day, when she is on her deathbed, her husband asks her one last time about it. She agrees to let him see for himself. He nervously unties the yellow ribbon with his trembling hands and is horrified to find his wife losing her head.



A young girl was extremely fond of dolls and had a huge collection of a variety of dolls at home. Once while she was browsing at a toy store, she found the most beautiful doll ever and was keen to add it to her collection. When she asked the store owner, she was told that the doll was cursed. But the girl insisted, and the owner reluctantly sold it to her. When she reached her home, she got into the elevator, and the doors closed behind her. The lift did not move, and the girl began wondering if this was because of the cursed doll. Suddenly the doll moved, turned her jet black eyes towards her and opened her mouth to say, “Push the floor button, you silly fool.”



A couple traveling home from a faraway place looks for shelter to spend the night. They find an old house where an old couple welcomes them, feeds them, and gives them a bed to sleep in. The travelers leave a fifty-pence coin in return for the hospitality.

The next morning, a restaurant owner in the next town tells them that the house they are talking about was destroyed in a fire, and Mr. and Mrs. Brown died in it. They return to see for themselves and are shocked to find the dilapidated shell of a house. Suddenly, the wife screams and faints. When the husband turns around, he finds the fifty-pence coin lying on a burnt table!


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this was in a old old book i read, but had been under the title of "the rest stop" the diner" the hotel"

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There was a little girl who lived in a town with her parents. She always told her parents about her imaginary friend named Kelly and that she lived in her closet. She also said that Kelly sat in her chair and watched her while she was asleep. One night, while the family was watching a horror movie on television, the girl remarked, “That looks like Kelly.” When her parents asked her about Kelly, she replied, “You know Kelly, the dead girl who lives inside my closet.”



On a cold, winter day, Mr. Sullivan “came to” whilst walking alongside the edge of a road. He walked over to a woman and asked her for some help, only for her to scream loudly at the mere sight of him and run away in fear. Astonished at her response, Mr. Sullivan continued on his way and tried to flag down several passing cars, only for them all to speed up as soon as they saw him. He eventually called a taxi company and when they arrived, they looked at him and they too sped away. The man went back to the same phone booth and called his wife, wanting to know what on Earth was going on and why people seemed to be so afraid of him. A man answered the phone, in a voice he didn’t recognize.

“Unfortunately, Mrs. Sullivan isn’t available at the moment. She’s at her husband’s funeral. He died in a car accident last night.”

Finally, Mr. Sullivan found his way to a public bathroom. He looked in the mirror and found his face bloodied and bruised, his skin a mess, and his bones broken. His skin was pale and his eyes bloodied. He realized why everyone was so reluctant to stop for him. He was dead. He was a ghost.



One late evening, a woman reached home and after settling down, began rummaging through her bag. She realised that she did not have her mobile phone with her and did not remember when she had last used it. Thinking that she had misplaced it, she picked up her home phone and dialled her own number. Someone picked up the phone but she couldn’t hear anyone on the other side, except for heavy breathing. The woman asked, “Can you hear me?” A voice at the other end said, “I hear you.” She kept trying but to no avail. The woman then decided to go to sleep. When she entered her bedroom, she saw her mobile phone on the nightstand. When she checked it, it was on “silent” mode.



A young boy was challenged by his brother and his friends to visit the town cemetery on Halloween night and place garlands on each of the gravestones there. Not wanting to be picked on by his friends for being a coward, the boy walked into the graveyard at the stroke of midnight and began placing the garlands, shaking with fear. He finished all and said to himself, ”There, I’m done.” Suddenly a cold, bony hand tapped him and said, ”How about one for me?”



Two young girls are exchanging ghost stories on a Halloween night. A story about stabbing a knife in a grave on an October night leads them to make a bet. One of the girls ventures out to the cemetery with a knife to prove how brave she is. But she dies of fright when the knife she stabs in the grave catches the hem of her nightgown. She thought the skeleton from the grave had reached out to grab her.



A girl named Oksana is ill-treated by her stepmother and step-sister. They make her do all the housework. When they run out of money, they banish her to a cottage deep in the woods. One night, in the woods, she hears a loud knocking on the door. Terrified of monsters in the woods, she opens the door with a branch in her hand. She is horrified to find a demon with nobody but only a cow’s head at her doorstep. The cow’s head tells her to place him near the fire and do all kinds of service.

Kind Oksana shares her food and her blanket with him. In the morning, she finds the cow’s head is gone. Instead, she finds a trunk filled with beautiful gowns, gold, and jewels. That day, her father comes to take her home. When her stepmother sees all the riches, she also goes into the woods in the hope of getting rich. But since she is too lazy to be kind to the cow’s head, all her gowns and possessions turn to dust. Oksana lived a long healthy life with happiness and prosperity.

Short and scary ghost stories for kids are fun, especially when you are on a camping trip. Some popular ghost stories are the ghost of the bloody finger, the ball pit, the big toe, the yellow ribbon, the coffin, and the dem bones. These stories can make your child’s camping night exciting and memorable. However, don’t scare them too much. Assemble all the children in the camp and enact these stories to make them more engaging. You may share the spooky stories that could evoke a little scare but avoid telling terrifying ones.



One night, a teenage boy and his girlfriend headed to their local lover’s lane so that they could spend some time alone together. The girl was a little bit afraid because, on that day, she’d heard over the radio of a man who had been released from a local insane asylum, known as the Hook. His hand had been mangled in an accident and he’d had it replaced with a hook because there were no prosthetics available at the time. The night was dark and the teenagers cuddled up together. Another announcement was made over the radio to warn people about the Hook and to stay vigilant and the young girl pulled away from the boy, scared, asking him if they could go home. Just then, the car started to shake and the doors rattled. The teens peered outside but couldn’t see anyone outside. The car shook vigorously again once more and the boy decided it was time to leave and so they sped away. On the way home from their date, the couple stopped off at a late-night diner for some coffee and chicken. Once they got out of the car, what did they see? Long scratches down the sides of the car, and a hook, is stuck in the handle of the car door.


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Why would there be warnings over the radio about the hook, if he was "released" from a asylum

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Stephen Elliott, an orphan boy, comes to live with an older cousin Mr. Abney at a remote country mansion. Mr. Abney shelters him, as he’s a reclusive man. He is a professor of Greek and keeps a particular interest in Pagan religions, and is obsessed to become immortal.

The servants tell Stephen that he’s a kind man and gave shelter to two children in the past. But they mysteriously disappeared. Stephen repeatedly gets visions of a gypsy girl and a foreigner boy with missing hearts. They try to convey something to Stephen in his visions.

One day he hears Mr. Abney speaking to someone. But as he opens the door, Mr. Abney is found dead. In his report, is written about his plans. He wanted to become immortal by sacrificing three children, burning their hearts, and mixing their ashes in the wine that he drinks. His third sacrifice was going to be Stephen. However, the other two ghost children kill him before he could kill Stephen.



A greedy man marries a woman with a golden hand to get possession of the solid gold for himself. He decides to poison her and succeeds in burying her minus the golden hand. The green ghost of his wife comes back to claim her hand. In the morning, he is found dead with the golden hand around his neck.



One dark night, a policeman was given the duty to guard a section that consisted of an old cemetery. As he went on his rounds and approached the cemetery, he noticed that the gates were open and he also heard rustling noises in the dark. He suddenly saw something white rushing towards him. Panicking, he drew his gun and fired a few shots at it. The next day, the policeman was found dead outside the cemetery with his gun in one hand, and his hand clutched to his heart. The poor fellow had suffered a massive heart attack and an old newspaper with bullet holes in it lay fluttering nearby.



Once upon a time, a man and a boy who had lost their wife and mother moved into a new house. They were told by the locals in the village that the house was haunted, but neither the man nor the boy believed in ghosts, and they moved into the house quite happily. The child went downstairs and asked the maid of the home for a glass of water and some fruit, and she happily obliged. She also told the boy that there could be ghosts.

Later that day, the little boy struck up a conversation with his father. “Daddy, I’ve been thinking. I could believe in ghosts. The maid told me there might be ghosts in the house.”

“Son, we don’t have a maid. We need to leave.”



The ghost of a black-and-white fish floats upside down in a water bowl in a bright, colorful bedroom of a kid. But there is no one to talk to him, and to find some company, he floats out of the bowl and the window. He keeps floating by the downside, sea, fishing boats, and seagulls. Nobody notices him there.

He starts floating past a busy shopping market, but there no one seems to be looking for his company. He floats by a beach full of people, but the bathers are not interested and no one even glances at him. He decides to go back to his bowl and finds a new fish living there. But he didn’t think of her as good company.

It’s night time and he floats out again, this time to a lighthouse. Here, he meets the ghost of the lighthouse keeper. She is a sweet lady ghost, black and white like him. Very unlikely, they find each other to be good company and she takes him in.



A man and his young teenage son lived together in a small house on the outskirts of town. The lot their house sat on was large and overgrown with tall hedges blocking the house from the street.

One day, the man left on an overnight business trip but took his son’s phone charger by mistake. As a result, neither the boy nor his father could charge their phones. Both phones were fully charged at first, but the man was delayed on his way home, and by midnight on the second day, both phones were dead.

It was just after this that the boy heard a knock on the front door. He was a sensible boy and knew not to open the door to strangers. Instead, he looked out of his bedroom window, onto the drive to see who was there.

The boy saw his father’s car in the drive, but he could not see the front door from his room. He went downstairs and looked through the peephole in the door to see who was there. He could see his father on the other side of the door, looking back at him, and the boy reached up to open the door.

But something stopped him.

“Dad?” the boy called out. “Why are you knocking on the door? Did you forget your keys?”

The boy waited, but there was no reply — just another knock on the door.

“Dad?” the boy called out again. “Why don’t you just open the door and come in?”

But again there was no reply. Instead, there was just a steady, rhythmic knocking on the door which began to get faster and faster. The boy’s dad was knocking constantly on the door, waiting for him to open up when suddenly he stopped and there was no sound at all.

The boy looked through the peephole again. His dad was still there, so he decided to open up. When he opened the door, he discovered his dad’s head taped to the door, in front of the peephole, and a trail of bloody footprints leading down the drive.


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just saying.... it takes a LOT of tape to hold just a normal head up on a door, far more longer then the kid would have seen his dad or heard that guy and it wasn't nailed....

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A mother takes her three-year-old son out to lunch. Then he goes off to play in “the ball pit.” After about ten minutes, he emerges, wailing, and complaining of pain. She rushes him to the ER to discover he has been bitten by a snake (of all things!). The next day, she returns to the restaurant to complain about the snake bite to the manager. The manager tells her she should consider herself lucky as a child who got eaten by a shark in the ball pit last week!



Daniel was a poor man who worked at the local candy factory. Since he was a talented artist too, the factory owner hired him to paint his daughter Rose’s portrait. Daniel and Rose fell in love with each other which invited the wrath of Rose’s father and the town dwellers, and they tortured and beat him till he died. Daniel is long dead, but his tortured soul did not leave the world. Legend says that even today if you call out the name “Candyman” five times, Daniel’s ghost will come to haunt you.



It was especially dark that night when a young woman was walking back home from work, her route having a cemetery on the way. As she came near the cemetery gates, she began to shake and tremble with fear. Suddenly, she saw a man walking just ahead of her, and she was relieved. The young woman caught up with him and asked him to walk with her to her home. As they came near the cemetery, the girl told him that she was terribly afraid of the dead. The man looked at her, smiled and said: ”Why should you be afraid of us?”



An old man stayed up late one night watching a horror movie. He finds something sneaking from the foot of his bed. It looked like two big eyes staring at him. He takes a rash step of shooting at it without investigating, only to discover his big toe is gone!



A young girl went to a summer camp during her school vacation. This girl was extremely bossy and hence was an unpopular figure amongst the other students. Tired of her selfish nature, the students complained to the organisers and asked them to move the girl to another cabin. No one knew that the cabin that girl was moved into, was a haunted one. Just before going to sleep, the girl scribbled on the wall “I am the Boss”. As the lights were switched off, the girl felt a pair of hands creep up to her neck and slowly strangled her.

The next day when the organisers came looking for her, they found her dead. Just above the earlier scribbling were written the ominous words “No, I am the Boss”.


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One night when Susan returned home and went to the bedroom she shared with her sister. Without switching on the light, Susan asked her sister if she was awake. Her sister replied, “Stop the noise and go to bed.” Susan wanted to take a bath so waited outside the bathroom which was occupied. Susan thought it was her father who was inside but her mom said he was asleep. Suddenly, her sister walked out of the bathroom. Shocked, Susan rushed back to her room, switched on the light and found her sister’s bed empty. Who had answered her then?



The treacherous sailors aboard a Spanish treasure ship decide to revolt against their captain, Don Sandovate. They torture the captain by not giving him water. He dehydrates to death. But soon, the evil sailors meet a sorry fate in a terrible storm that sinks the ship with the body of the captain tied to the mast.

Legend has it that a haunted ghost ship can be seen along the Atlantic coast with skeletons crying out for water to this day!



One man called Sergeant Major Morris owns a monkey‘s paw that has magical powers. He tells his friend Mr. White and his family, the wife and son, about its powers. It grants its owners any three wishes they ask for; the sergeant-major warns Mr. White that although it grants the wishes, only disaster comes with them. Nevertheless, the family buys the monkey paw from him, and the sergeant leaves.

The son holds the paw and asks for some money. The next day, after the son goes to work, an employee of his company comes and informs Mr. White and his wife about the demise of their son in an accident, and gives them the monetary compensation — the same amount they wished for.

Mrs. White wishes that their son comes back home, alive. A knock at the door is heard, and the knocks get violent slowly as somebody wants to come in and get hold of the paw. Mr. White understands where it is going. He makes a final wish. The wife opens the door, and there is nobody.



Leo, a good ghost, reads books in an old house. But, a family moves in and he can’t have his peace and privacy anymore. He tries to welcome them but the family gets frightened. They hide in the bathtub. So, Leo decides to wander outside the house.

But when he goes out, the world is overwhelming, loud, and unwelcoming for him. Luckily, he finds a girl called Jane, who spots Leo when she was drawing on the sidewalk. She is a tiny girl with a vivid imagination and invites Leo to play with her. They become friends and play Knights of the Round Table. Leo finds himself happy again.

To Jane, Leo is an amazing imaginary friend but Leo is afraid that when Jane comes to know he’s a ghost she will be scared too. However, Leo is smart enough to use his ghostly tricks and resolve all hurdles that come in the way of their friendship.



This story is about a family that moved into a huge house with a large number of rooms. A few days later, the two little boys of the couple began complaining about a clown coming into their room at night, but the father did not take it seriously. When a young girl came to babysit the kids while the parents were out, she went to the basement to watch TV after the kids went to sleep. She became uncomfortable because of the clown statue near the door and called the parents to ask if she could watch TV in the hall. The father told her to leave the house immediately and wait with the neighbours. The girl later came to know that the family never had a clown statue in their home.



This is a story about when a girl’s parents left her alone overnight for the first time. The parents told the girl to make sure all the doors and windows were locked tight after they left, and not to open the door to anyone while they were gone.

The girl did as she was told, and after her parents left, she went around and checked all the windows and doors. They were all locked tight.

By 10 o’clock that night the girl was bored being in the house on her own. She decided to go to her room, with a big bowl of popcorn, and get comfortable in bed. Not long after she got settled, she began to doze off and was awoken with a start when something touched her hand.

It was the dog. The family’s husky had come upstairs and licked her hand while she slept.

The girl went back to sleep but was awoken again. This time she knew straight away what had woken her up. It was a tap in the bathroom, drip, drip, dripping.

She reached down to her husky, who licked her hand while she fell asleep again.

Every hour or so, the girl was awoken by the dripping tap. But because she had stayed up so late, she was too tired to go and turn it off tightly. Instead, she would reach out to check for her husky and it would lick her hand while she fell asleep.

It was just after 6:30 the next morning when she could stand it no longer and got up to turn off the tap.

She walked into the bathroom and screamed. There was her husky, dead, skinned, and hanging from the ceiling.

The sound hadn’t been the tap. It had been her dog’s blood dripping onto the floor.

The girl ran back to her room to phone for help. There, on her floor, written in her dog’s blood, was the message, “Humans can lick, too.”


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1 year ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

This is really creepy, but also, as a dog owner, I’d think I could tell the difference between dog and human tongue.

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Set in New Jersey, the lore tells about the notorious pirate Captain Kidd and his crew, who buried their stolen loot in a secluded stretch of land on the Jersey coast while escaping from the law. The valuables disappeared overnight, never to be found despite the effort of many treasure hunters. And then appeared Dem Bones!

Dem Bones are the glowing skeletons of Captain Kidd and his mates, who return on a certain night. They carry heavy trunks full of their treasure and scatter them all around the place. A phantom fire is lit, and they celebrate by dancing, singing, and exchanging stories about their high sea sailing days.



A young girl gets to know that a killer from the state asylum is on the loose. The man is known to have a hook in the place of his right hand. The girl pays no heed and is worried about her outfit for her date. But when she hears the announcement again on the car radio, warning everyone about the Hookman, she gets scared.

She and her date are parked on a secluded path when she finds the car shaking. She requests her date to take her back home. The moment she gets out of the car, she screams, seeing a bloody hook hanging from the car door handle!



As the legend goes, there is a haunted home in the city of Pennsylvania. Many years ago, invitations were sent out to people asking them to attend a Halloween party here, and Jack and Mary were amongst the invitees. The home consisted of a maze of identical passages and staircases, all leading to the 13th floor. Most people never made it to the 13th floor, scared by people dressed up as ghosts and ghouls. But Jack and Mary made it to the 13th floor despite all this. But we do not know what they found out on this floor as they were never seen after that fateful party.



Jack murders the entire Dorian family, except their toddler who is upstairs. The murderer does not know that the toddler had walked out of his crib to explore outside.

The baby reaches a cemetery after being chased by the murderer. Some ghosts find the boy there, and chase away Jack. After much discussion, the ghosts decide to raise the baby. They name him “Nobody” and call him “Bod” for short.

Jack keeps searching for the toddler and knows that he is safe as long as the little one is inside the cemetery. As the child grows, he is granted the Freedom of the Graveyard, and he eventually thinks he needs to see the world of the living.

But the world of the living is the most dangerous for Bod. He makes a very good living friend called Scarlett. Eventually, Bod fights and kills Jack. But Scarlett is too scared to learn about Bod’s abilities. So he takes away the memories from her. Scarlett returns to her house.

Bod is now about 15 and is about to lose the power of seeing ghosts. He says goodbye to his ghostly family and friends and leaves the graveyard to embark on a new life.


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A man was lying in bed one evening when he noticed there were lots of sirens in the streets outside. And there was a helicopter flying around overhead, and the sounds of barking dogs and shouting people.

He looked out his window and saw a great deal of police activity, so he went online to discover what was going on. “Serial Killer Escapes!” said the headlines. As he read further, the man discovered a crazed killer had broken loose and that he was believed to be in the man’s neighborhood.

But he wasn’t too worried. As the night wore on, the noise wound down, and the man went to bed.

Suddenly, the man was startled awake. He thought he had heard a sound. He listened carefully and was just about to go back to sleep when he heard it again.

This time he was sure someone was trying to get in his front door. The man looked down the hallway, terrified, not knowing what to do.

The only way out of his room, without going into the hallway, was through the window. He couldn’t climb out. Could he?

His mind was made up as he saw the door wobble in its frame as someone threw their entire weight against it.

Without another moment of hesitation, the man leaped out of his window and ran into his yard. He paused to look over his shoulder, just in time to see the light go on in his bedroom and a team of police officers pile in.

The man was amazed and relieved at the same time. Until he felt a hand clamp tight over his mouth and the cold steel of a serial killer’s knife against his throat.



One Halloween night, four girls were walking towards their home, when they saw a man dressed as a clown, standing near an old church. He waved out to them and asked them if they would help him in looking for his lost dog. As the girls entered the church, the clown shut the door and locked them in. He tortured them till they died one by one and severed their heads off. When the priest opened the door the next day, he saw the dead girls lying in a pool of blood. The church is still said to be haunted by the spirits of those girls and one can hear those screams till date.



On a summer morning, in a village, people gather for their annual lottery. Festivity and celebrations are on, with only a few people in the crowd showing signs of tension. The annual lottery has been a ritual in the village for a long.

Mr. Summers and Mr. Graves come with the black lottery box. The lottery begins. The head of each family in the village comes and draws out paper slips from the box. As it continues, townspeople engage in conversation, and a sudden uneasiness and tension prevailed in the atmosphere.

One man, Bill Hutchinson finds that his slip has a black dot on it. He is declared to be the lucky person. But Mrs. Hutchinson starts protesting and we perceive that it’s not a matter to celebrate, as it seemed initially. The villagers ask her to be a sport!

The Hutchinson family has five members, and Mr. Summers keeps five paper slips for each member to draw from the black box. Mrs. Hutchinson draws the slip with the black dot in it.

Mr. Summers summons the villagers to “finish it fast,” and they begin throwing stones at Mrs. Hutchinson.



The narrator and his friend are sailing down River Danube. They have set out on a canoe trip, and the atmosphere around them looks melancholic, strange, and sinister. It seems like there is some bizarre power in the place, some secret.

Suddenly, the two friends see a traveler who is warning them from a distance not to cross but go back. He sails his boat very fast as if escaping from something. But, the friends do not go back.

At night, strange dark shapes, shadows, and bizarre noises tap outside their tent. The next morning, they find that one of the paddles is missing and a slit can be seen in the canoe itself. If they do not repair it, they cannot go back; their food is also missing.

During the second night, one of the friends tries to jump into the river “as a sacrifice”. But the narrator saves him. The next morning, that friend tells the narrator that this mysterious land has found another man as a sacrifice, and now they may be safe. They see a dead body lodged in the roots beside the river shore. When they go to touch the body, some living forces rise from it and disappear into the sky, and the body gets swept away by the river.



The narrator was walking down a path near Rajpur in India when he sees a cool, inviting pool. He dives in for a swim. But soon, he feels something slimy and long pass across his legs. It sucks at his foot. Terrified and disgusted, he swims out of the pond. As he stands on the bank, there are no signs of life, stirring, or movements.

A few days later, he leaves for Delhi and returns to Rajpur ten years later. As he takes a walk, he is tempted to find out if the pool still exists; yes, it is right there although the surroundings had changed, with a few new buildings and houses.

He sees a few laborers draining water off the pool. Overseeing the operation is a man, who is the owner of a new school built recently. On enquiring, he tells the narrator that two of his boys had drowned while swimming, although the pool was off-limits and they weren’t supposed to be there.

The bodies were broken, with limbs twisted, and faces disfigured but the verdict of death came only as drowning.

The narrator and the school owner, Mr. Kapoor sit there talking as one last laborer works in the pool.

Suddenly an enormous succubus appears from below and stands taller than the man. It drags him under the water, and it gets still and silent. Then the mangled body of the man shoots out of the water.



A man moved to a small town and slowly got to know a few of his new neighbors. He soon learned that most of the residents believed that one of the roads out of town was haunted, but he didn’t believe in ghosts, so he never asked why.

One day, the man went to visit a friend in another town. He was enjoying his visit so much that he ended up staying later than he had planned. By the time he left for home, it was way past midnight.

There was no moon that night, and once he left the town limits, the only lighting came from his headlights. Soon it began raining, and the rain made it even more difficult to see.

As a result, it was almost too late to break when the man saw the woman on the road. He jammed his foot hard to the floor, and the car swerved in the road before coming to a stop just inches from her legs.

Normally, the man would have driven off again, but it was so late and the weather was terrible. He decided to offer the woman a ride. She got into his car, took off her wet hoodie, and held her hands up to the vents to capture the warmth.

When they reached the town, the woman directed him to her home, thanked him for the ride, and went inside. When the man got home, he discovered she had left her hoodie in his car. He thought about driving back to her house, but it was so late that he decided to go inside to bed and return the hoodie the next day.

The next morning, he drove back to the house where he had dropped her off, walked to the door, and rang the bell. An older woman answered the door, and he handed her the hoodie.

“I gave your daughter a ride home last night, and she left this in my car,” he said.

The woman began to cry.

“My daughter was killed by a hit and run driver many years ago,” she said. “It happened on the road into town, and she was wearing a hoodie just like this one.”


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Two sisters were spending the summer at their grandparents’ house. When the sun was shining, they had plenty of fun, swimming in the lake out front, exploring the woods out back, and playing all sorts of games in the gardens.

However, one week, toward the end of their stay, it did nothing but rain. The girls had played board games, read books, made things with their crafts supplies, and now they were bored.

The grandparents’ house was large, and the girls thought it would be an excellent place for a game of hide-and-seek. The younger sister wanted to hide first. She ran off to find a hiding place while her sister covered her eyes and began to count to fifty.

The older sister heard her sibling’s footsteps running up the stairs and along the hallway to the back of the house. After reaching fifty, she opened her eyes and went in search of her sister.

The girl went into every room. She looked under the beds and in the closets. Behind the curtains and behind the doors, her sister was nowhere to be found.

Finally, she reached the only room their grandparents had told them never to enter.

She reached out and grasped the doorknob, turning it slowly and pushing the door open. Much to her surprise, the room was almost empty.

The only item was an old, tall, carved wooden cupboard, covered in cobwebs. But the door was slightly open.

The girl ran over, laughing, and swung the door open expecting to find her sister, but the cupboard was empty. She leaned in, and as she did, a cold, icy hand reached out from the back of the dark cupboard and grabbed her wrist. She let out a scream and tried to escape, but the hand started to pull her into the cupboard.

The girl’s sister heard her screams and ran to find out what was happening. She entered the room and looked on in horror as her sister began to disappear into the cupboard. Luckily, the little sister was quick thinking — she ran toward the cupboard and grabbed her sister’s legs.

After a brief tug-of-war, she managed to pull her sister out of the cupboard, and the two girls ran from the room, slamming the door behind them.



Once upon a time, there lived a curious woman who strayed off her path while taking her dog for a walk. While she was strolling around, she found a castle in the woods. She saw a message in green slime on the wall “Do not go to the magic castle at midnight.” The curious woman decided to go that very night. Every step of the way, she saw messages in slime “Do not enter” and “Do not go one step further.” But that did not stop her until she reached a dark room with a coffin. Paying no heed to the final message, “Do not open this coffin,” she slowly opened the lid. Filled with terror, she looked inside. Guess what she found? Many colorful Smarties!


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oh ew...smarties, i always gave those to my aunt.... who now had diabetes.....umm.... whoops?

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There was once a man who always wore two pairs of underpants. When he died, his wife buried him with only one pair of underpants. After the funeral, the man’s ghost kept coming back at the stroke of every midnight. The woman moved houses many times in the hope of getting away from the ghost. But, he followed her wherever she went. Eventually, she couldn’t take it anymore, so she asked him, “What do you want from me? Why do you keep coming back?” He looked at her for a long time and said, “Honey, please give me another pair of underpants.” She gave him another pair of underpants, and since that day, he never returned.



A man was standing on a lonely highway on a dark rainy night, waiting to hitch a ride back home. After a long time, he saw a car approaching him very slowly and silently, suddenly stopping before him. Desperate to get home, the man jumped into the car, only to realise that there was no one in the car, not even the driver. As the car approached a bend, a hand appeared out of nowhere and steered the car over the bend safely. Scared the man jumped off the car and ran all the way to the nearest coffee shop. As he entered the shop, a couple of guys shouted at him, ”Hey! Here’s the idiot who jumped into our car while we were pushing it over the hill”.


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Do you know why Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth? No? Well, let me tell you.

The woman who invented Hello Kitty has a daughter. Her daughter developed a rare form of cancer in her mouth, and the doctors told her mother there was nothing they could do. Her daughter was going to die.

The mother was inconsolable. Her daughter was her only child, and she couldn’t imagine living the rest of her life without her. She vowed to do whatever she could to save her.

When the little girl was just hours from death, the mother was visited by the devil. He told her he would save her little girl if she promised to invent a cartoon character that would end up in every home. The mother was suspicious — why would the devil request that she create a cartoon character that would bring joy into the world?

The devil’s intent wasn’t to bring happiness into the lives of children, after all. The devil said he would use the character to hypnotize children and possess them. The mother was torn — should she save her own child and sacrifice all those innocent children out there?

Because of her intense love for her children, the mother agreed, and her daughter recovered. In return, the mother invented Hello Kitty. The character has no mouth because her daughter’s mouth was eaten away by cancer and sewn up.

It has pointy ears like the devil’s horns, and the word “kitty” means demon. So when you say Hello Kitty, you are actually saying, Hello Demon, and welcoming the devil into your home.



Tommy Knockers are the spirits of deceased miners who look out for miners by showing them the ore and protecting them from cave-ins. One unfortunate miner, Eddie, becomes the target of the Tommy Knockers. They pelt him with stones, steal his tools, and blow out his lantern. He can’t figure out why he is getting tormented until he hears the voice calling him from a shaft, “Give me back my five dollars, Eddie.”

It is his friend, Joe’s ghost, who has been haunting him to get his five dollars back. Eddie refuses to give Joe his five dollars. But all day long, he is plagued by the Tommy Knocker; his ladder is shaken until he almost falls off and hears a loud drilling sound. Eventually, troubled by Joe’s shenanigans, Eddie ends up returning the money to Joe, the Tommy Knocker.



There was once a young woman who had just started a new job. One day, on her way to work, a hearse crosses her, and a gory-looking driver pops out to ask her, “Do you need a ride?” He points to the coffin at the back and says, “Room for one more.” She refuses the lift but is disturbed all day by the thought of the strange man in the hearse. On her way out of the building, at the end of the day, she waits for the elevator.

When it comes, the elevator is almost full, so she hesitates before stepping in. Suddenly, she hears a familiar spooky voice saying, “room for one more,” and she sees the hearse driver from the morning eyeing her with his horrible gaze. She backs away and takes the stairs. Just a few steps down, she hears a terrible crash. On reaching downstairs, she discovers the cable on the elevator snapped, and all the passengers plunged to a gruesome death!



The head of Madeline’s boarding school, Lord Cucuface, turns up suddenly for an inspection of the school’s attic, as a rumor goes around that it is haunted. However, he could not find any ghost, but finds an old telescope and takes it home for himself.

Later, Madeline and the Spanish Ambassador’s son Pepito hear moaning and howling from the attic. When they go there, they discover a ghost. The ghost was an astronomy enthusiast, Felix de La Morte. He wears a wig and frilly garments. He is sad as he cannot find his telescope. He narrates to the children how he died falling off this school’s roof while striving to watch a comet that can be seen every 221 years.

The story is about Madeline and Pepito’s adventure on retrieving the telescope for the ghost to watch the comet at least this time. They go around Paris all throughout the night and by the end, the three of them become friends and watch the comet on a beautiful starry night.



Thomas Marsden is a grave robber. He’s been into this bad business for years. One spring night in London, he opens up an unnamed grave, in which lies the body of a boy covered in dirt and dust. But the dead body looks exactly like Thomas.

Lots of strange things follow. Along with the buried dead body is a mysterious spooky note, and tickets for a show done by a man called Mordecai. Mordecai claims that he can talk to the dead.

Thomas begins to doubt his own identity and the dead boy’s. For that, he seeks Mordecai’s help. But to know the secret he has to outsmart Mordecai and free all the fairies that Mordecai had kept enslaved for years.

The last person who went on that venture was dead in front of the gateway. But Thomas has to save the fairies.

In his journey, he learns that his parents are not the real ones. He belonged to the “faeries,” who had once rejected him as a home.


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this is a rwal book caled The Accidental Afterlife of Thomas Marsden

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Mr. Nuttel, new in the neighborhood, visits one of Mrs. Sappleton’s houses. A young woman named Vera frightens him with her lies about her uncle Mr. Sappleton and two of his younger brothers.

She says that three years ago they went down hunting in the forest with their spaniel but got lost in a bog and their bodies were not found. Her aunt, submerged in grief, kept the French window open all the time. She believed that one day they would enter from that window exactly the way they had once gone out. Mrs. Sappleton appears and confirms Vera’s story about the open window.

Suddenly, they see the men entering the house through the French window along with their spaniel and Mr. Nuttel is horrified beyond measure. He runs away. In the end, the story is resolved.

The men had gone out hunting that very day and Vera simply lied to Mr. Nuttel out of mischief. But, being a habitual liar she explains to the men that Mr. Nuttel was once traumatized by a pack of pariah dogs and therefore ran away on seeing the spaniel.



Once upon a time, an old woman found a big toe in the woods. She goes home and puts the toe in a stew and has the best meal in weeks. Unfortunately, around midnight, the toe’s rather large and hairy owner comes to claim his toe. She hears the stomping sounds of heavy footsteps in her garden and the voice of a moaning creature saying, “Hairy toe! Hairy toe! I want my hair-r-r-ry toe!”

The voice gets louder and louder. Finally, she sees a massive creature in her doorway. Terrified, she shouts out, “I ate your hairy toe!” The giant comes into the room and says softly, “I know you did.”

No one saw the old woman ever again, and apart from footprints with a missing big toe in her garden, there were no clues of her disappearance.


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like the one where her son finds it, or the one where she throws it back out, Titled "The big toe" "The big hairy toe" "the Stew"

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Way back in 1961, a ship from Holland, called the Flying Dutchman was on its voyage and was near the Cape of Good Hope when the captain saw that they were in the path of a massive storm. With the help of the crew, the ship managed to steer clear of the storm but not for long, and it began to sink. The captain screamed at the storm that he would keep going around the cape in circles until time immortal if that’s what it took. If you are caught in a storm near the Cape of Good Hope, you can still see the Flying Dutchman and his crew sailing into the storm.



The narrator meets a signal-man one day. The man tells him that he sees apparitions on the railway track, but the narrator doesn’t believe him.

He goes on to narrate that one day he saw a ghost in front of a train, desperately waving and signaling the train to stop. But no one except him can see these ghostly apparitions, and six hours later they learn about a gory train accident.

Another day, the ghost reappeared and looked about helplessly with sad eyes at the passing train. A few hours from then, they learned about a woman’s death on the train.

The third time, the signal-man gets a vision where he hears a bell ring and sees a man closing his eyes with one hand and waving with the other.

The next day, the narrator comes to know that the signal-man had been knocked down by a train. And the train driver had closed his eyes and waved his hand exactly the way the signal-man had envisioned.


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The story begins with the narrator saying that he is hypersensitive but not a madman. He says coolly about killing an old man who never did him any wrong. The narrator had no interest in the old man’s money or anything in particular, but he could not tolerate his pale blue eyes.

The narrator goes on to explain that he is not mad because he is very rational. He planned everything correctly before the murder.

While the old man sleeps, every night, he would sneak in with a lantern and watch him sleep. On the night of the murder, the narrator’s lantern slips from his hand, and the old man wakes up. He kills the old man. To make sure he is dead, he cuts the body up and hides the remains under the floor.

Three policemen come and say that the neighbors have complained about a scream at night. He tells them he is the only one at home and the old man is out of town. He is so confident that he takes the policemen to the old man’s room and they sit on the floor under which he was buried.

However, as they start talking, the narrator becomes increasingly horrified by something. He hears something, the thumping of a heart that keeps getting louder and louder.

Terrified, he tells the police where he hid the body and that the old man is the one making the sound.


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Little Vera spins an ominous yarn to her uncle about why she leaves the window in her home. She tells him that her aunt (who died long ago) sits by the window in the evenings and waits for her uncle and cousins to come home. With her imaginative storytelling skills, she succeeds in giving him the fright of his life, and he runs off. When her cousins ask her why their dad exited in such haste, she tells them another made-up tale about her uncle and his fear of dogs.



More of a play on parental worries about ball pits than a story addressing any kids' concerns (come on, do you think they fret about those things being a bacteria factory the way we do?), "The Ball Pit" is really an urban legend instead of a proper ghost story. But while it may have kids pondering the potential hidden dangers in their favorite play space for a moment or two, the silly ending will get everyone laughing.



The protagonist Parkins is a skeptical Cambridge professor. He is on holiday in Burnstow, a fictional town in England. He goes to investigate a Templar ruin on behalf of a colleague and finds a whistle.

The whistle has two inscriptions in Latin. The first inscription is Biblical and reads “Who is it that comes”. The second one roughly means “thief, blow, weep”. Not understanding, Parkins blows the whistle.

That night Parkins dreams of a terrified man fleeing towards him and collapsing right in front of him. In the distance, he could see the man’s pursuer. The very next day Parkins meets a boy, who is frightened by a white figure that appeared at Parkins’ window hotel.

When he returns to his hotel, he finds that the second, unused room bed in his room is in disarray. While he was all alone, he clearly sees someone getting up from the empty bed. The figure he saw was all covered in bedclothes and attacked Parkins. Parkins is luckily saved by one of the other guests staying in the hotel.