Do you know that feeling you get when you save an animal? Maybe you adopted a puppy from a local shelter or saw a homeless cat on a cold rainy evening and took it home? Well, I had this feeling when my organization Tušti Narvai (Open Cages) saved a mink from being killed in a gas machine. We named this mink Cranberry and set out to create a home for her.

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Meet Cranberry! Isn’t she the cutest?

To make a long story short, the day finally came when we were able to release Cranberry to her new enclosure. Her new home. I watched the animal that has never experienced swimming, trying to jump into a swimming pool. I saw her cautious attempts to play with us knowing that she has never experienced kindness from people before.

This was one of the best days of my life

I felt that way because I could see Cranberry’s face. In her eyes, I saw hope. If you have ever rescued an animal, you know the feeling. That feeling you get when seeing a being that has only experienced horror and suffering in their entire life, learning to live again. Learning to trust people and enjoy life.

Even though I felt happiness for Cranberry, I knew she is only one of the millions. I knew it’s not enough

Minks all over Lithuania are kept in horrible conditions on fur farms where they are going insane

Filthy wire cages provide no stimulation for these smart and active animals

They are fed so much they become obese. This way there is more fur on their tiny bodies

After half a year they are thrown into a box that is filled with gas. They are left there to slowly suffocate. All this for an accessory that no one really needs

That is why I want to save all of the minks in Lithuania

It is no small task considering there are about 1.500.000 animals just like Cranberry raised and killed for fur in my country each year.

I know it is ambitious and the task won’t be easy. However, the legal process has started and my organization will do everything to make fur farms a thing of the past.

There is an opportunity for you to help this effort

If you, like me, think that animals like Cranberry shouldn’t be tortured and killed for clothing, you can join the fight.
All regular donations from 10 euros will be matched with 100 euros by a generous donor!
Millions of animals are counting on you to help them. Please become their Santa this year.

You can donate through PayPal here and if you’re from Lithuania you can donate here. Thank you so much for your help!

Please donate to save these innocent creatures

All regular donations of 10 euros and more will be matched by a 100 euros thanks to one of our generous donors

Here are some pictures of our organization fighting for animal rights

We are “Open Cages” – a non-profit organization, that seeks to stop animal cruelty and fight for their rights. We started this organization in 2014 in hopes to unite people who want to help animals in farms have better living conditions. We seek to inform people about how animals are treated in fur farms. In 2016 we merged together with the Polish animal rights organization “Otwarte Klatki” (Open Cages), after some time we were also joined by UK’s, Estonia’s, and Ukraine’s animal rights institutions.
How do we operate? We show people how animals are treated on fur farms. The more people are informed the faster the animals will stop suffering. We try to educate people on a more cruelty-free lifestyle.
We talk and interact with political figures in hopes of changing laws in animal’s favor. We help businesses make animal-friendly and cruelty-free choices and decisions.
Join our fight for an animal cruelty-free life!