Remember the guy who didn’t have a second of fun on his vacation to Puerto Rico because he couldn’t take his wife with him? He got to go on a second vacation to the same places on the same cruise – and this time, he got to take his wife with him! This time around, he took pictures with his wife in all of the places where he had posed for the first series.

After the hotel (the Wyndham Rio Mar) that Kevin Blandford had stayed at in Puerto Rico saw that his post had gone viral, it offered him a second free trip – but this time, with his wife and their 8-month-old daughter in tow. Needless to say, many seconds of fun were had, unlike the first time around.

(h/t: widgetdude)

When Kevin first won a free trip to Puerto Rico, he was sad because he couldn’t take his wife

But he won a SECOND one and got to take her and their baby daughter!