I rescued Pegasus from backyard breeders when she was a puppy. Most of her siblings died at birth or were deformed. She is a “double-merle” and was born with a severe lack of pigment. Most double-merles are born blind and/or deaf and I was told that if she lived, this might happen to her, too.

Rather than focus on the negative, I wanted a way to document her good days of good health and celebrate them. I set about taking a picture of her growing up every day not knowing how long it would last. The result is a pretty amazing time-lapse that spanned half a year as she grew from a week 4 week old puppy to a 7 month old teenager. She’ll always be plagued with health issues but she’s happy and has the most loving disposition.

I am a filmmaker in South Africa. I work a lot with animals, creating pieces that people can engage with emotionally. This record of Pegasus’s life became something very personal as it grew.

More info: davemeinert.com

I was told that if she lived, she’d go deaf and blind, so I decided to record every day we had left

I still don’t know how long she is going to live

…but right now is pretty great