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Rescue Dog Smiles From Ear To Ear On Command
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Rescue Dog Smiles From Ear To Ear On Command


Herbert the rescue dog sure knows how to pose for the camera. Each time the pup hears “Say cheese!” he flashes his pearly whites! His adorable grin was captured on video by Amanda Robles on January 9th, and has 13 million views on Facebook.

Robles is fostering the 5-month-old pooch for PAWS animal shelter in Chicago. “This little rockstar will be up for adoption in about two weeks,” she wrote on Facebook. “He’s such a sweet boy and always wants to sleep in your lap. Now that he made u laugh, help find him a home!”

“He displayed all the signs that whatever his upbringing, he appeared to be kept in a cage,” said Sarah McDonald, a spokesman for PAWS Chicago in an article by dailymail. “While in foster, he’s learning how to be a puppy, getting lots of cuddles, and working on training. He’s really come out of his shell wonderfully.”

More info: Facebook | (h/t: today)


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