Randall Rosenthal, a wood sculptor from New York, has become a modern master of an art form probably about as old as we are. What seems like a cardboard box full of cash is actually a wooden artwork called “Cold Hard Cash” carved by Rosenthal out of a single (glued-together) block of wood.

Between his amazingly realistic artwork and all the other paper mimicry that he does, there’s a lot to be impressed about. First and foremost is the fact that, due to the excellent paint job and perfect sculpting, most of us are completely fooled by his optical illusions. Another reason why his sculpture art is so amazing is because the beautiful sculptures are carved out of a single mass of solid wood. One larger mistake and he’d have to start over – or at least invest a lot of time to fix his mistake. But if you tried to kick this cardboard box around, you’d probably break your toe.

Since completing his BFA at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in 1969, Rosenthal has been creating incredible works of art – and not just the masterful illusions you see here. If you like what you see, or if you’re at all interested in wood carving, we strongly suggest visiting his website. There’s a lot more to see besides this amazing wooden box!

Source: randallrosenthal.com (via: sawmillcreek.org)