Toyboyfan continues to create his amazing and realistic remakes of Disney characters. His previous post got lots of love so if you missed it, click here! The project "In Real Life" has been updated with 15 more characters that were created using A.I. and then fixed by Toyboyfan, because the program doesn't do a good job and the first version can look quite weird. The artist explained the process in more detail in the previous post.

Toyboyfan shared what changed after his work was shared on Bored Panda: "Being featured on Bored Panda was an amazing experience. It has brought so much traffic to my Instagram page, even bringing up my follower count from 800 to over 5000! I am very grateful."

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The artist shared that he's planning on only doing Disney remakes for now, but he's open to explore other universes if he runs out of ideas or inspiration. The good news is that we have plenty of remakes coming our way! Toyboyfan told us that many artists inspired him to create the edits, especially people who do historical A.I. remakes.

Toyboyfan shared with us which character was the hardest to create: "So far, the hardest character to create would have to be Megara from Disney's Hercules, because the AI software that I used had a hard time recognizing the character's face."

The artist shared that people react positively to these illustrations—however, many people get confused and think that these portraits are of real people: "Many of them actually think that they are real people. I often get messages asking for the Instagram of Elsa."




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Sathe Wesker
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3 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Love the violet eyes. Matches the small amount of purple you can see of her outfit.

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"When I was a little kid, The Little Mermaid was my absolute favorite movie. Beauty and the Beast came a close second. Now I really do enjoy Frozen," shared the artist when asked what his favorite Disney movie and characters are.


"I am pretty sure that A.I for photos and art is a fairly new thing so far. As for A.I having a place in the art industry, I can't be too sure yet. Only time will tell," Toyboyfan told Bored Panda when asked if he thinks A.I. will be a big part of creating art in the future.

The artist shared that he doesn't know what the future holds for him, but he wants to continue to do creative things and tell stories with his art. He hopes we will enjoy these remakes and his other artwork that you can find on his social media accounts. Go show Toyboyfan some love!

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