In the 20th century, Hungarian psychiatrist Léopold Szondi developed a test that was intended to reveal a person’s unconscious thoughts, desires, and impulses. The psychiatrist believed that people are attracted to those who are similar to them. Thus, he created a projective psychological personality test which was called the Szondi test. The personality test involved showing the examinee a series of headshots taken of people who suffered from various mental disorders. The examinee was then asked to pick out the two most appealing and two most repulsive photos of them all. The choice was then analyzed and could supposedly give insight on parts of the examinee’s personality that they were satisfied and dissatisfied with. Back then, the test included 6 interesting photos of each of eight main groups, with a total of 48 photos.

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However, this interesting test was later dismissed, with other psychologists stating that an individual’s physical appearance cannot be a good signifier of their mental health. Despite not being commonly used today, the psychology test still bugs people’s minds. Recently, after a Facebook user named Junji Noe posted a shortened version of the different personalities test, it quickly went viral, with thousands of people showing their curiosity towards their own hidden personality traits.
While the test can undeniably pose some interesting results about different personalities, it is recommended not to take it at face value, as the test itself lacks scientific basis.