Everyone who has ever tried to propose to someone knows that this moment is are as stressful as it is magical. People usually prepare for this step ahead of time, trying to make the moment as unforgettable as possible for their partner, in hopes that they will say yes. Luckily, the way in which you decide to propose is not the main factor that determines if they will agree, well unless you make it super horrible and embarrassing. However, this doesn’t stop people from using all of their creative powers to make the proposal a surprising and inventive as possible.

One of these imaginative people is Jeff Clements from Norway, who made his proposal so geeky, that you wish to be an academic so you could do the same. When Susanna Harris asked on twitter for people to share their nerdy dating experiences, Clements delivered a response that nobody expected. As it turns out, the man decided to write a scientific paper for his girlfriend in which he stated to have found the new species of butterflies. Apparently, these specific type of butterflies lives in his stomach and gets extremely active when his girlfriend Jenna MacQuarrie is present. What an amazing way to tell someone you love them! Read the paper below.

Recently an academic Jeff Clement shared a creative way he proposed to his girlfriend

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