When it comes to creatures that are known to us only through fossils it's understandable that there's a lot we don’t know. Skin, fur, hair, feathers, fat tissue rarely gets fossilised and fossil remains can't tell much about the behavior of the animal. Hence, it's no secret that when it comes to palaeontology, a fair amount of speculation is allowed.

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C.M. Kosemen, an Istanbul-based artist has written a book "All Yesterdays" about prehistoric animals where he shared some of his speculations through illustrations.
He says that animal reconstructions based only on fossils may often pose some inaccuracies. The main reason is that many features of animal bodies may not have survived in fossils, such as pouches, or skin flaps.

Most of us have seen dinosaurs portrayed with deadly grins and massive sharp teeth making them look like terrifying predators. According to Kosemen, actual dinosaurs which inhabited the earth million years ago, may not have looked so terrifying after all. Most of the animals had lips, gums and enough facial fat to hide their vicious grins.
To avoid similar misconceptions himself, the artist tries to take more cues from animals today.

With his illustrations, Koseman challenges current depictions of dinosaurs by offering alternatives, which may be more accurate and knowledgeable.
Check them out below and tell us what you think in the comments.

More info: cmkosemen.com

#2 Scythe-Armed, Featherless Swans

Scythe-Armed, Featherless Swans

C. M. Kosemen Report

Casandra Nițescu 2 months ago

looks like swans taken from a nightmare :D

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#9 The Stubby-Armed Dinosaur, Majungasaurus, Displays With Its Flamboyant Neck Wattles And Crest

The Stubby-Armed Dinosaur, Majungasaurus, Displays With Its Flamboyant Neck Wattles And Crest

C. M. Kosemen Report

Alia Ris 2 months ago

*see head* Oh..awesome! *scroll to see the rest of the picture* wait..what?

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#13 Albertosaurus, The Original "Terror Bird"

Albertosaurus, The Original "Terror Bird"

C. M. Kosemen Report

Janet Allison 2 months ago

*ugh mom stop using me to measure dinosaurs*

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