Breaking news – a pregnant pit bull mamma named Winter just had a baby shower. Her owner, Gisselle O. Suarez, shared three pictures from the party on Twitter with the following caption: “Yes, we did throw her a baby shower.” The post went viral, because… I mean, just look at that dog!

The pregnant doggie wore an adorable blue tutu and was the centre of attention. We can see the canine smiling from ear to ear while looking at a platter of sandwiches that were put right next to gift bags full of baby shower gifts. Oh, and the whole ceremony took place on a romantic beach – a venue that every pregnant mum would surely appreciate.

Yup, sometimes all one needs to cheer up is seeing a pregnant dog in a blue tutu having a baby shower – and reminding us that no matter what, love wins.

More info: Twitter (h/t)

Dog owner Gisselle O. Suarez decided to throw a baby shower for her pregnant pit bull Winter

Her post, in which we see the dog dressed in a blue tutu and having a blast, went viral

The whole ceremony took place on a romantic beach and there was everything a pregnant lady would appreciate

People couldn’t handle that level of cuteness: