Hello! My name is Rita and I’m a Cat Addict. Every day I need a new dose of catdrugs. I will tell my story and maybe it will save you.

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I spent all of my childhood in a Russian village. There were cows, ghouls, chicken, ducks, pigs and of course cats all around. Since childhood, I spent a lot of my time talking, looking after and playing with them.

I never thought that I would devote 100% of my time to cats, but now I have three cats in my apartment and I constantly make earrings in the form of cats. How did this happen?

In 2010 I found jewelry made of polymer clay in the form of sweets on the Internet. It looked so realistic and delicious that I decided to try making something like that. It all started as a hobby, I studied in the last year at the University. But I did not have an art education, I did not know anything about technology and I had more questions than answers. I had to find a job and my parents insisted that I go to work for the government in the financial sphere.

I believed in my hobby, so I started studying techniques, ways to work with clay did experiments and tried to do something unusual and unique. At the end of 2011, I bought a dress with a zombie cat design and wanted to make myself matching earrings in the form of zombie cats. My friends really liked these earrings and I received a few orders to make cat earrings.

Since 2012, I have been focusing on the production of my cat earrings. Every day I sculpt from clay, I try different techniques and perfect my skill. I want to make the best quality, neat and beautiful earrings.

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#1 Black Cat Earrings

Black Cat Earrings

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Judith Downey 1 year ago

Black kitties...my favorites

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#4 Totoro Cat Earring

Totoro Cat Earring

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Jeeves 1 year ago


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#8 Finn The Human Earring

Finn The Human Earring

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Sadie Maruno 1 year ago

there should be that crazy pink cat from adventure time that ice king owns as an earring!

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#10 Nyanko Sensei Cat Earring

Nyanko Sensei Cat Earring

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Cathy b 1 year ago

So cute ! !! I love this anime 😸

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