My niece had her 6th birthday recently. Someone in the family took this beautiful photo and I would really like to turn it into something even more beautiful. I have zero photoshop skills, so maybe some of you could help me.

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Photoshop her in a field or in the clouds so it looks like she's flying with the balloons, or in a fairy tale land or maybe you have better ideas. Please don't mock this. It's about turning a photo into something magical for a little girl. Thanks!

The original picture

Download / Download the cut-out

#1 Up



Oana 1 year ago

Wow so simple and yet so beautiul! I love it

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#2 Little Bit Of Magic

Little Bit Of Magic


Alex Rector 1 year ago

Honestly not a bad photoshop.

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#3 Little Monsters

Little Monsters


Alex Rector 1 year ago


#9 Flying With A Hummingbird

Flying With A Hummingbird


Alison Pearce 1 year ago


#10 Hold Tight & Take Flight

Hold Tight & Take Flight


Ged Maybury 1 year ago

Well done! You're the only one who straightened the balloon strings. These look WAAAY better!. Get's my vote.