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22 Photos That I Took Of An 86-Year-Old Soviet-Era Factory In Georgia
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22 Photos That I Took Of An 86-Year-Old Soviet-Era Factory In Georgia


As other Soviet-era factories get closed or turned into lofts and supermarkets day by day, this ever-lasting Georgian factory is alive and kicking, and it’s been going like this for 86 years!

The town of Zestafoni in the former Soviet country of Georgia is home to a Ferroalloy Plant that produces manganese alloys used to strengthen steel. Raw manganese ore is transported to Zestafoni by train from mines in the nearby Chiatura region. The final product is shipped to steel factories in other countries around the world.

Many employees in Zestafoni have worked at this same factory for over 35 years.

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Look from the outside

Fun fact: Though built in soviet times, the factory outlasted the soviets, and has been active longer than the whole soviet era.

The inner workings of the old factory

Founded in 1933 by the famous Georgian scientist Giorgi Nikoladze, the facility continues to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The people that work here

What left me impressed is the harmony of the production line. It felt as if the workers were performing a choreographed dance, rather than just doing a simple routine.


The Soviet art of the working class

All of this is expected for a factory of this gargantuan size. What’s odd, though, is that it’s riddled with Soviet-era mosaics and sculptures that depict the production of ferroalloy, wine, the transportation of raw materials.


A slideshow of the Soviet-era factory in Zestafoni, Georgia


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