I’ve been creating portraits of people’s pets, but with a bit of a twist. My goal is to capture the “inner” pet in addition to their likeness.

Instead of just focusing on what the critter looks like, I try to capture who they are – their quirks, their habits, and the side of them that only their owner sees. I ask the owners to give me a sense of their pet’s personality, and blammo… funny sometimes happens.

I am very touched when I get laughter as a response, and sometimes tears if the pet has passed, because it means I have hit the mark – I have made the owner’s feelings for their beloved furry friend visible.

Thanks for looking, all you bored pandas out there.

More info: chrisbeetow.com

Ace The Classy Guy

Ace here was described as a bit of an aloof guy, but classy.

Daisy The Sweetie

This micro pig was described as the sweeeeeetest.

Echo The Green-Eyed Cutie

Frankie The Rescued Pitbull

Frankie has had a really tough life, but he has been rescued and has a loving home. It was so nice to make this picture of him.

Rubi, Who Is Afraid Of Spiders

Grover The Happy Guy

I don’t know what Grover is, perhaps a Dalmatian-terrier mix. Anyway, I think he is cute.

Ralph The Handsome

This guy’s owners said he was sweet, and well aware of his good looks, but perhaps not the sharpest crayon in the box.

Leo, The King Of The House

Leo didn’t let size determine who ran the show.

Roxy, The Sweet Little Pea

Bella The Delicate

She was described as a happy, delicate flower.

Tilly The Hungry

Turbo The Cheerful

Vivian The Meat Lover

Beezer, Who Is Obsessed With His Green Toy

OCD over his green monster toy, so it had to be in there.

Elliot The Sleepy

This guy was all about the naps, bout the naps, no troubles.

Sprite, The Energetic One

Sunny, The Intelligent One

Brooklyn The Kind

Panda (because we love pandas)

While not a pet, I was asked to create a happy panda, so hey, this IS the place for pandas.