Even though everyone had to learn the periodic table at school, there are probably only a few of us that can still remember more than a few chemical elements, their order, what they actually do, and where they are used. So, it’s fair to say that all of us could stand to revise our chemistry knowledge, and this educational poster is absolutely perfect for it. If you’ve ever wondered where on earth most of these elements can be found in our day to day lives, wonder no more, because engineer Keith Enevoldsen is here to teach us all!

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In front of you is “The Periodic Table of Elements, in Pictures and Words” Created By Keith Enevoldsen

Keith is a Boeing software engineer who uses design and colorful drawings to teach students of various age groups. His customized and unique periodic table is useful for those who are keen to revise their knowledge of natural elements.

The table not only uses illustrations and comparisons but also colors and schemes that help you to understand it better.

But the best part about the table is the real-life examples and interesting facts of where the elements can be found in everyday life.

Who knew that Fireworks are made from Strontium and Lasers have Yttrium? This type of teaching system is useful to people no matter what age and it’s also entertaining!

Enevoldsen, the creator of the table, updates it every time a new element is introduced. For example, back in 2016, when the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry announced four new element names, Enevoldsen added them to his charts.

This cool periodic table isn’t the only one-of-kind teaching material from the clever engineer. With the use of illustration and colors to help people learn better, he offers flashcards and posters along with a website called ThinkZone that is filled with experiments and resources for mathematics, geography, history, language, art, and music.

People absolutely loved this type of teaching and found it very useful!