Everyone seems to have an opinion about Paris Hilton, but one thing we’ve learned about her is that she’s always full of surprises. She’s really into art, paints pictures, and even makes detailed collages! She recently shared this side of her on YouTube and gave a tour of her art room where she’s been spending a lot of time since the quarantine started.

The internet had wildly different reactions when they saw what 39-year-old Paris has made. Some people were quick to judge her work and said that it wasn’t anything special. However, a lot of others complimented Paris for having an artistic outlet and said that it was refreshing to see her creative side. After all, art is art, right?

Among the artwork Paris made is a painting of her boyfriend’s mother’s cat (our fave), a collage of skulls, and even a collage featuring Sonic the Hedgehog. She’s currently working on her “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” collage. Scroll down, have a look at Paris’ art, and let us know in the comments what you think, dear Pandas!

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Paris Hilton loves making art! She gave a tour of her art room and showed her collages and paintings

Here are a couple of her collages

Paris even made a skull collage

She also loves drawing cats

This is the collage that she’s working on right now

She’s even made collages about herself

The emoji collage is one of Paris’ favorite ones

And here’s the painting she made for her BF’s mom

She drew a cat with its tongue sticking out for a charity called Doodles for Dollars

You can watch Paris’ full video about what she does at home during the quarantine right here

Image credits: Paris Hilton

“I’ve literally been going crazy cutting things out, I’ve bought like every single magazine,” Paris said in her YouTube video. One of her favorite collages features lots of emojis, but it’s very clear that one of her biggest passions is drawing cats.

In her YouTube video, we can see her live-drawing a cat with its tongue sticking out and stars in its eyes for a charity called Doodles for Dollars. Funnily enough, Paris’ cat joined her while she was drawing a feline on her iPad.

According to Paris, digital drawing is great because it lets her practice as much as she wants and then “not mess up the canvas” when she starts painting.

We also learned that Paris is enjoying staying at home with her pets and her boyfriend, and not having to travel nonstop. She revealed that she’s doing a lot of different charity work, including with her family’s Hilton Foundation. Paris also introduced a lot of us to a new word—”sliving” (pronounced like “Slytherin”) which is slaying + living. She seems to have taken a shining to it.

Some internet users were very critical of Paris’ paintings and collages…

…however, lots of people were very supportive of Paris and had nice things to say about her art