We all know the cliche story where the princess finds true love, gets married, and of course, lives happily ever after. But then what? What happens after they drive away into the sunset? Who got a dog? Who had kids? Who is now in couples counselling? And please someone tell me, who takes out the garbage?

Disney left us with so many unanswered questions, so I am here to clear the air and tell you once and for all, what happened AFTER the ever after.

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Snow White is still washing floors

Snow White is still washing floors when the kids go off to school, but now she no longer has the help of her enchanted forest animals to wash the dishes for her.

At least she no longer has to worry about poisoned apples. Every Thursday afternoon she heads down to her local grocer and makes sure she only fills her basket with organic whole foods…and of course a few bags of goldfish, and a bottle of Merlot.

Alice traded in her tea parties for cold coffee

No more chasing the white rabbits for Alice. Instead, she fills up on cold coffee so that she can keep up with her crazy toddlers, and their wild imaginations.

Cinderella is still losing shoes

We all thought that this princess would spend her days in fancy dresses and designer shoes. Turns out more shoes just equals more lost shoes. Cinderella still struggles to find a matching pair which often causes her to be the last mom at school drop off.

Rapunzel is finding new uses for that frying pan

Frying Pans! Who knew right? Now Rapunzel spends her Sunday mornings trying out new pancake recipes and playing Sudoko.

No more sleeping for this beauty. Now Aurora has a newborn

Even Sleeping Beauty can’t get a full night’s sleep these days. From midnight feedings with her newborn to scary dreams and bedwetting with her toddlers. All this princess wants is her long stretches of uninterrupted sleep again.

Ariel is stretching out those sea legs

Ariel realized that she shouldn’t have to change who she is for someone to love her, but she also realized that she liked dry land, and fancy pedicures, so she never went back to the ocean. After she dumped Prince Eric she took up yoga as a way to unwind and stretch out her new legs.

Belle now worries about fine lines and grey hairs

It’s a tale as old as time. Girl meets beast, girl and beast fall in love, beast turns into a boy, then girl and boy grow up and have 3 kids, 4 dogs, and one angry cat that never lets anyone pet it.

With the stress of raising a family, and dealing with a castle full of enchanted furniture demanding better works compensation, it can be hard for mama Belle to find time for herself. But when she does, her favorite way to unwind is to soak in a hot bath with a nice moisturizing face mask, and a big glass of Merlot.

Elsa is eating for two!

Elsa isn’t a mama yet, but those pregnancy cravings are out of control. Of course, her favorite would be big tubs of ice cream, that she generally washes down with a few dill pickles. Soon enough this Frozen princess will be bundling up her tiny humans for the blizzards that are sure to surround them.