I am an artist in the UK and a little bit obsessed with insects! So a few years ago I tried to recreate my favourite specimens using recycled paper, wire and thread. I now have a collection of around 100 different species and am still adding to it!

The insects are all hand cut using a scalpel and some of them are embroidered by hand to create their patterns and textures.

More info: kasasagidesign.com | Instagram

This is a selection of the insects I have made so far

I make them all life size so when displayed together they are proportionally correct.

Each insect takes between 1 and 5 hours to make

I carve rolls of paper to create their bodies and cut out wings and armour to fit around them. The legs are wrapped with thread and paper

The bugs are displayed in box frames with pins and labels as though they are part of an old entomology collection

I also use a variety of different vintage or recycled objects to display my work in

Here are some plants and other things inspired by nature