Sometimes they appear while taking a shower, sometimes while stuck in a traffic jam; and every so often, one will show up in your dreams. They do not pop up every day, but when they do, we are delighted by them.

Good ideas are rare - when we get them, we like to share.

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#1 Swanky / Floating Ladle

Swanky / Floating Ladle

Here comes the masterpiece of your kitchen! This elegant ladle will fancy up any dinner. Floating with grace, balanced like a ballerina, Swanky will help you stay on top of your soup.

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Elena Colombo 2 years ago

First etruscan then roman. Called simpulum :)

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#2 Tea Sub / Tea Infuser

Tea Sub / Tea Infuser

The Tea-Sub submerges tea leaves to the bottom of your cup creating the perfect infusion of your favorite brew. This cheerful infuser makes drinking loose leaf tea as easy as using teabags - fill the infuser's compartment with loose tea and enjoy!

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Greg Hoggarth 2 years ago

Only useful if you have glass mugs, which would be a minority of mugs in the world.

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#3 Agatha / Spoon Holder & Steam Releaser

Agatha / Spoon Holder & Steam Releaser

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble... Concocting a delicious potion? Agatha will hold your spoon and release the steam from your bubbling pot!

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Lorraine 2 years ago

Definitely need this! Always dropping the spoon in T_T.

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#4 Bottle Screws / Bottle Stoppers

Bottle Screws / Bottle Stoppers

Bottle screws - colorful addition to any wine bottle.Tired of hassling with wine bottle corks? These silicone bottle "screw" stoppers are the perfect solution to seal your opened wine bottle. Each stopper features highly bendable silicone for a snug fit on most bottles in your cupboard.

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Uni N 2 years ago

very useful i'll buy

#5 Clean Dreams / Kitchen Sponge Holder

Clean Dreams / Kitchen Sponge Holder

Once the dishes are clean and bright, lay your sponge in its bed and let it sleep tight.

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Katinka Min 2 years ago

I love this, but the decent sponges in Germany are much thicker than this one, so they wouldn't fit :-(

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#6 The Nessie Family

The Nessie Family

All the Nessie family - Mamma, Nessie and Baby, in one pack! Mythical time in the kitchen is guaranteed...

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Zerina Bermudez 2 years ago


#7 Baby Nessie / Tea Infuser

Baby Nessie / Tea Infuser

Get ready for a legendary tea time! Baby Nessie will dive into the deeps of your cup to release your favourite flavours.

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Silent Skeleton 2 years ago


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#8 Eggondola / Egg Poacher

Eggondola / Egg Poacher

From now on, your journey to the perfect breakfast is all smooth sailing! A five minute gondola ride is all it takes for first class poached eggs.

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Little letitia 2 years ago

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That's just lazy! Who can't poach a bloody egg without utensils!?

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#9 Papa Nessie / Pasta Spoon

Papa Nessie / Pasta Spoon

Let Papa Nessie dive into your spaghetti pot! He will pop out of the pot with your favorite pasta ready to serve! A legendary pasta meal is guaranteed!

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#10 Grizzly / Hot Pot Trivet

Grizzly / Hot Pot Trivet

When looking for a safe place to set down your sizzling pot, bear in mind, a good old fashioned grizzly rug can always stand the heat!

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Wombat34 2 years ago

that soup looks nom

#11 Spaghetti Tower / Pasta Dispenser

Spaghetti Tower / Pasta Dispenser

Tired of having leftover spaghetti? Spaghetti tower not only stores your pasta, it also measures the ideal quantity for your meal. How it works: The cap can be opened to four different openings that determine the amount of spaghetti to be dispensed, ranges from 1 to 4 portions. Simply pour the perfect portion of spaghetti directly from the container.

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Heather Keedy Bateman 2 years ago

I love this! I always have to eyeball portions!

#12 Zip-eat! / Jar Opener

Zip-eat! / Jar Opener

A stubborn jar can be so frustrating... but hey, get a grip! Zip-Eat will wrap around any lid, to give you that little extra strength you need.

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Jörg Zingler 2 years ago

I need this. Where can I buy?

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#13 Mon Cherry / Measuring Spoons And Egg Separator

Mon Cherry / Measuring Spoons And Egg Separator

Sweet or salty? It doesn’t matter. For a perfect recipe, you have to measure. A lot of sugar or just a drop, and for some extra pleasure - put a cherry on top!

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#14 Slice / Steam Releaser

Slice / Steam Releaser

Here's a fresh way to keep the pot's lid open so steam can vent. Just place Slice on the edge of the pot and place the lid on it.

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#15 Pistachio / Serving Bowls

Pistachio / Serving Bowls

A playful and practical solution for serving nuts and olives. Split the pistachio in two by taking the top off, providing your guests with an empty bowl ready to receive discarded pits and shells. Just serve and watch everybody go nuts for the Pistachio. Pistachio will serve all your favorite nuts, seeds, olives, candies and more! Everyone will go nuts!

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Pi... 2 years ago

Bowl level: inception!

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#16 Astro / Fruit & Veggie Keeper

Astro / Fruit & Veggie Keeper

From a galaxy far far away comes Astro… He has been called on a special mission to help keep your half fruits and veggies fresh. Astro will easily fit in the space shuttle you have mistaken for a fridge!

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Ditto 2 years ago


#17 Bone Appétit / Cooking Spoon

Bone Appétit / Cooking Spoon

Release the caveman within! Cook like your ancestors with Bone Appétit cooking spoon.

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Emre 2 years ago

Flintstones :)

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#18 Umbrella / Tea Infuser

Umbrella / Tea Infuser

There’s nothing like a hot cup of tea on a rainy day... Just fill the umbrella with tea mixture and dip it in hot water, to create your favorite brew. It might not keep you dry, but it will surely warm your heart!

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#19 Apple Shot / Corer & Peeler

Apple Shot / Corer & Peeler

William Tell wouldn’t believe his eyes! Peel and remove the core as fast as an arrow.

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Ditto 2 years ago

As a professional archer, I approve.

#20 Jumpin' Jacks / Salad Spoons

Jumpin' Jacks / Salad Spoons

Freshen up your salad with Jumpin’ Jacks! Jumpin’ Jack’s is the ideal pair of salad servers. Stand him on the table ready to serve, or stick him in the salad as you would with any serving spoons. Both options are guaranteed to bring smiles to the dinner table.

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#21 Flower Power / Steam Releaser

Flower Power / Steam Releaser

Here’s a cheerful way to keep the lid of the pot open, so steam can vent. Just place Flower Power on the edge of the pot, and rest the lid on it. Flower petals will spin occasionally when heat is on.

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#22 Mark-eat! / Basting Brush & Pump

Mark-eat! / Basting Brush & Pump

Highlight your cooking with this one of a kind basting brush. You are known for your cuisine, leave a mark!

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#23 Toothpig / Toothpick Dispenser

Toothpig / Toothpick Dispenser

This little piggy will brighten up your smile, decorate your table and keep your martini olives aligned. Cheers!

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Dan Beck 2 years ago


#24 Tweet / Folding Peeler

Tweet / Folding Peeler

Down from its branch ready to eat, veggies and fruits are its favourite treat. The most appealing peeler in your kitchen drawer - Tweet will help you cook like never before. In the kitchen or on the go!

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#25 Chili / Herb Infuser

Chili / Herb Infuser

No more parsley in your teeth! Chili will keep your herbs together while adding flavour to your stews.

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#26 Button Up / Magnetic Holders

Button Up / Magnetic Holders

Even your kitchen rag can be handsome, it just needs to button up.

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#27 Sweet Pony / Cookie Cutter

Sweet Pony / Cookie Cutter

Rock sweet pony gently on flattened dough and cut out a classic shaped biscuit. A sweet addition to any kitchen.Yummy...

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#28 Makicups / Measuring Cups

Makicups / Measuring Cups

Another baking disaster? Makicups will make your cooking as precise as a sushi master… HAYAA!

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#29 Pulke / Herb Infuser

Pulke / Herb Infuser

No more embarrassing incidents involving parsley in your teeth! Pulke will keep your herbs together while adding flavors to your stews.

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#30 Avocado / Spoon Rest

Avocado / Spoon Rest

We took out the seed and put it away, now let your spoon take a rest, it’s been working all day.

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Little letitia 2 years ago

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That's just bloody stupid...

#31 Mamma Nessie / Colander Spoon

Mamma Nessie / Colander Spoon

Believe it or not… Nessie has a mom! Mamma Nessie will pop out of the pot with your favourite pasta or vegetable ready to serve! Mythical time in the kitchen guaranteed.

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#32 Fun Fungi / Mushroom Magnets

Fun Fungi / Mushroom Magnets

Fun with fungi! These magnet ‘shrooms work on any magnetic surface. While holding on to your notes, photos or reminders.

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