Most animals are naked, but some animals are more naked than others. Baldwin guinea pigs take the cake for one of the most naked-looking animals out there, which makes Strawberry Shortcake all the more fitting of a name for this scandalous diva!

Photographer Erin Bonilla, of, and breeder Heather Beebe are the masterminds behind this kinky project. This boudoir inspired photo shoot was shot in Suffolk, Virginia; the photos themselves can be found in the book The Best Piggie I Can Be!

More info: Amazon | (h/t: thedodo, dailymail)

“Strawberry loves to have her picture taken. She is full of personality and it really comes through in the pictures”

“For this we did Victorian styler bathrooms and pink, soft boudoir images”

“Since she is a show guinea pig, she is used to being handled and will actually hold a pose”

“They like all the attention and we reward them with healthy treats”

“We had a small spa heater directed at the animal during the entire shoot”

“Since it needs to keep warm, the guinea pig is very snuggly and will tuck itself under your chin”