I wanted my final photo series to be special. I love how creative long exposure photography style can be, but it’s too abstract on its own. I wanted to make something unique, something meaningful.

I thought about how long exposure works, the camera just keeps on recording light until I press the button again. So when there is no light, it’s not recording anything, right? What if I propped up my phone in the dark, took a long exposure photo, moved the phone away, and turned the lights back on to catch the background? That was it, I had done it! I made interesting photos of a floating hologram using just my phone. Then I thought, hey, I’m an illustrator, I can draw my own holograms, take photos of those and tell a story through these beautiful photos, create a series.

I drew my little adorable dog on Photoshop on a black background, transferred the photos onto my phone, and propped it up wherever I wanted the dog to be. Since my phone has an AMOLED screen (black pixels turn off), the rest of the screen and phone were invisible in the dark. I turned the lights back on to capture the room and voilà! After three grueling days of trial and error using my photography technique, my masterpiece was ready for printing.

Sometimes I get so excited about the technique that I forget about the sad story depicted. The story itself was inspired by my own pet, Alfred, who died in a similar, tragic way.

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Where did you come from?

What am I gonna do with you?

Hey! Bad dog!

Heh, that’s not how you do the assignment

Guess I’m stuck here

Who’s a good boy?

Come here, I got something for ya

Whatcha doing down there?

What the hell?

Oh God, no…

How could I let this happen? I just had to move the wires away…

What am I gonna do without you?