My name is Simone Crestani and I’m a glass maker! I started blowing glass when I was 15 years old and I immediately became very fond of it.

I can say that I have two big passions so far in my life – glass and nature. Therefore, in my works I try to combine both of them – I give my sculptures natural shapes. The technique I use is called flameworking which means using a strong flame for melting and sculpting glass. Anyway, during the years of practice I have already developed my personal technique of glass blowing.

I am very lucky as I was able to turn my passion into a real profession!

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Glass Bonsai, 2011

Bunny and Octopus, 2014

Bollicine, light sculpture, 2014

175x53x106 cm

Blossom Bonsai, 2014

Under Construction, installation, 2014

The Hunting Heron, 2014

120x60x35 cm

Molecular Study, 2013

Glass Bonsai, 2013

The Farm’s Democracy, 2014

120x50x100 cm

Delicious Fish, 2012

76×28 cm

Lu pisci spada, 2012

127×26 cm

Polpo, 2013

32×26 cm

Me in action: