I’ve been drawing on napkins daily for my two sons’ lunch boxes since 2006. The napkins are drawn mostly with “art markers” and a few paint markers. Over nine hundred of the school lunchbox napkins are posted on my blog “Daily Napkins”.

I haven’t missed a school or summer camp day yet, so I have had plenty of opportunity for practice to participate in the TUACA napkin art competition. My fixation with lions (the TUACA bottle features two lions) was fortunate to win the grand prize.

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Around 11 pm at our House

Fox With A Fish

Cherry Blossoms with Cat and Bird


Superman and Batman Observe Gay Pride Month

Fluffy Longboards an Icelandic Highway

Happy Thanksgivukkah from the Menorah Turkey

Kitty Water Gun Sniper

Hiccup’s Father, Stoick’s Dragon, “Skullcrusher”

Skateboarding Dog

The Spring Cherry Blossom Themed Dragon

Octobear and Sharktopus

Winner of The TUACA Napkin Art Competition (Not For The Kids)

The Artist, Nina Levy

The Kids