I am Luciana Rodriguez, also known as Anemites. I am a self-taught photographer and freelance designer based in Córdoba, Argentina. Much of my work consists of self-portraits combining the physical and the emotional. These surreal compositions strive to express the beauty in dark and painful aspects of life. I am interested in connecting with the audience, show that these feelings are universal and that no one is alone against them, not even in the darkest moments. I strive to create works that transcend the reality we all see, to a reality we can all deeply feel.

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This series of conceptual self-portraits, is the result of a quasi-psychological exploration a game through the cathartic method in the search of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual purification. It is a journey into an intense and dark whirlwind, perhaps looking for compassion or empathy. Is it possible that through a handful of images, viewers can experience some kind of purification of the soul, or challenge the emotional repression in which we live? Perhaps…

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