Getting hitched is a big occasion, but when it came to the wedding invitations, newlyweds Joshua and Rachel Watson were having none of the usual bland wedding invitation card business. With the help of photographer Jordan Nakamura, Joshua (who is a photographer himself) and Rachel starred in their own personal set of movie posters. The posters then went out to wedding guests as DVD case covers with CDs inside that featured a mix of their favorite music.

The movie posters in this wonderful and creative set are faithful, near-perfect recreations of posters for movies like “Inception” and “Casablanca”, while the show posters simply draw on elements of some of their favorite shows, like “Mad Men”. What movie’s next for the Watsons? My guess is The Pacifier (hint: it’s Vin Diesel playing a fish-out-of-water babysitter). Best of luck for the newlyweds!