According to some, all it takes to be a part of the hipster subculture is to wear plaid shirts and Rayban sunglasses and drink Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. For others, it means gentrification, cultural elitism or insincerity, and the over-use of irony. But here is something that most of us can probably agree upon – these are some of the most hipster images ever.

0Some may even argue that hipster style is a paradox – what happens to a group of people who hate all things mainstream when the hipster things themselves become mainstream?

For all the different ways that people see or define hipsters and their hipster fashions, we’re sure that you’ll all find some sort of common ground among these interesting photos. Inspired by another list that was compiled largely from cool things out of Imgur, we collected some more images that we thought were intensely hipsterish.


1. This guy riding a camel down city streets (against traffic)

2. Whoever parked their penny-farthing bicycle at the Apple store

3. This guy who brought a portable record player to a bar in London

4. This lady using a spinning wheel at a BMW service center

5. The owner of this cat (and probably the cat too)

6. This guy taking a selfie with an antique phone

7. This pet crab owner who thinks dogs are too mainstream

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8. This guy who has a seeing-eye person so he can text more

9. This guy who’s checking out the view with an antique spyglass

10. The guy whose bicycle is actually a fence

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11. This guy who brought his typewriter to his local cafe

12. The guy with a bunch of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans in his beard

13. This guy who has beanie hats for his ears

14. Whoever owns this USB shovel

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15. This guy typing poems about anything in the street on his typewriter

16. This guy riding the most attention-grabbing bicycle he could find

17. Whoever’s wearing this mini grandfather clock on their wrist

18. This guy who goes to parties and hangs out on the fridge

19. The guy riding this 2×4 skateboard

20. The owner of this typewriter interface for their touch-screen device

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21. The owner of this plank bicycle

22. The guy who went shopping here

23. This guy with a llama who thinks pet crabs are too mainstream

24. This guy using over $1k of technology to emulate a $20 instrument

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25. …and this guy.

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