You probably know that feeling when you‘re trying to understand how big the universe really is, but you end up with your head about to explode. It gets slightly easier when there‘s some kind of context available, so we can make comparisons and get an idea of scale.

A while ago, a guy behind the Youtube channel named Yeti Dynamics created a video showing how big the planets in our solar system actually are, by placing them in a context we are familiar with: sky. The video was recently shared on Instagram and became quite popular in just a few days. Since the moon is something we see every night, Yeti Dynamics decided to replace it with other planets to give us an opportunity to understand their real size. This video shows us how would we see the sky if the Moon was replaced by Mars, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn (Mercury and Pluto are intentionally not shown by the author since they‘re pretty much the same size as the Moon). Starting from the smallest, the video ends with Saturn, which would actually look quite surreal if it was so close to Earth. Scroll down to see it for yourself!

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This video replaces the Moon with other planets in our solar system to show how big they are







You can see it in the video below: