Pretty much everyone knows the feeling of dealing with people who have no idea what your profession is actually all about. Sometimes it even becomes frustrating to explain the nuances of your job over and over again. But if people will pay attention to this post, many won't have to do it ever again.

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Recently, Portland-based icon designer Louie Mantia started a very informative Twitter thread, asking people, "What's something that seems obvious within your profession, but the general public seems to misunderstand?" Many people rushed to debunk the myths surrounding their professions, and their responses are both hilarious and eye-opening.

"I was inspired to ask that question because I too have felt like there are misconceptions about what I do," Mantia told Bored Panda. "Earlier that day, I posted about best practices in app icon design, and was met with a lot of pushback. I realized a lot of others probably feel the same way about their own jobs."

"I remember when I visited Buckingham Palace a few years back, there was an insane amount of people," Mantia added. "The police officers had to continually keep their cool while telling different people to stay in a certain area. They couldn’t get mad at them because every time they had to say it was to a different person." He thinks a lot of people can relate to that. "They might have to repeat something to [their] customer, but that customer doesn’t have the knowledge or experience about the other side that often. They need a short explanation."

Mantia thinks there are many reasons why such misunderstandings are common, but pop culture is the big one. "Hospital shows portray hospital jobs inaccurately. Law shows do the same. And any show that has ever shown someone pounding away at a keyboard has contributed to some incorrect views of hacking or programming," he said. "TV and movies can do a lot of damage in this regard. For example, Lee Unkrich at Pixar noted that voices are recorded before the animation. But because of Mrs. Doubtfire’s opening scene with Robin Williams recording a cartoon character’s voice after the animation was finished, a lot of people now believe that’s the way it’s done."

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#1 Manager


ashleyswallows Report

ADHORTATOR 4 months ago

This is so true....

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#2 Nurse


mickeyfoon Report

stellermatt 4 months ago

wait, you're NOT all sexy? well sorry, but saving lives and healing the sick is pretty sexy in my book.

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#3 Librarians


__ccaatt__ Report

Holl Balls 4 months ago

Do people not go to libraries? Our community library plays a big role in the community.

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#4 Programmer


OldManKris Report

Dysania 4 months ago

Yup, thats what my friend keeps telling me: "We are just much better in using google than anyone else."

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#5 Photographer


MichaelMaggs1 Report

Mimis Nachbarin 4 months ago

Sadly enough that does not only count for pictures...

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#6 Environmental Scientist

Environmental Scientist

milneorchid Report

N G 4 months ago

Listen to scientists and don't vote for Trump

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#7 Marriage, Family, And Sex Therapist

Marriage, Family, And Sex Therapist

MaggietheMezzo Report

Lola 4 months ago

I certainly wouldn’t ask you for marriage advice if you were married 5 times though. Just as I wouldn’t go to a dentist who doesn’t have any teeth.

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#8 Assistant


abizzle009 Report

Abbey Impson 4 months ago


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#9 It Consultant

It Consultant

neilhwilliams Report

BlackestDawn 4 months ago

As my families IT-technician (because I do work in IT) I can relate to this so much.

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#10 Editor


axiongirl Report

Mimis Nachbarin 4 months ago

As a writer I got always a similar question: "Is your editor correcting typos and grammar?" Ehm, no, that is the job of the corrector. The editors job is.. see above

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