Firepits are already a popular fixture for homes that have space outside for them, but there are artists out there who can turn these wonderful outdoor gathering places into works of art. Before we created this list, we had no idea that fire pits could be so beautiful.

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With these firepits, it took the use of metal to turn them into works of art. A stone fire pit may be cheaper and may retain its heat better, but these metal firepits definitely win when it comes to artistry!

#1 Burning Forest Fire Pit

Burning Forest Fire Pit

The Fire Pit Gallery Report

SembeiNorimaki 3 years ago

Forest in flames....It's a bit...disturbing :P

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#3 Angel's Dance Fire Pit

Angel's Dance Fire Pit

The Fire Pit Gallery Report

Patrick Harty 1 year ago

Can you buy this and how much is it

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#5 The World's End Fire Pit

The World's End Fire Pit

The World's End Fire Pit The World's End Fire Pit

Rick Wittrig Report

ArushiMathur 3 years ago

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

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#6 Lotr The Ring Fire Pit

Lotr The Ring Fire Pit

BohemianAlpDesigns Report

JosephVirgilio 3 years ago

Awesome. My precious. I must posses this.

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#7 Dragon Fire Pit

Dragon Fire Pit

imgur Report

BenAdams 3 years ago

FUS RO DAH! Lame I know.

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#8 Death Star Fire Pit

Death Star Fire Pit

imgur Report

A2 3 years ago

I MADE THAT !!! My name is Aaron Arguien (central Texas) you can find me on facebook. I have two more for sale.

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#10 Iron Wolf Fire Pit

Iron Wolf Fire Pit

imgur Report

BoredBanana 3 years ago

Ummmm... I think it's a dragon not a wolf. Beautiful though!

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#12 Pirate's Ship Fire Pit

Pirate's Ship Fire Pit Report

missdiscipline 3 years ago

I see a viking vessel for the dead burned at sea