Just in case you missed it, let us use this time to remind you of the awesomeness of We Rate Dogs. Not only does it provide hours of lighthearted, high quality doggy-related laughs, now they are helping fight the good fight for net neutrality too.

Matt Nelson, AKA The Dogfather, had apparently noticed that FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, a strong proponent of a rule change that would threaten net neutrality as we know it, was following and retweeting from one of his Twitter accounts, Thoughts Of Dog.

Using the opportunity to make his point after asking for trolling advice from his followers, Nelson outlined a premium payment scheme available for Pai to purchase if he wishes to continue receiving his daily pupdates, and in the process neatly illustrated the potential future for many of us if net neutrality rules are successfully repealed.

Critics of Pai’s planned changes have warned that ISP’s may begin to offer packaged internet plans, with websites offered in bundles much the same way as cable companies offer TV channels. As well as costing the consumer more in the long run, it also opens up concerns regarding censorship and increasing centralised control of the internet. None of this really works out for the majority of us who like our internet open and free does it?

As far as intelligent trolling goes, we here at Bored Panda think it’s a pretty good effort. 17/10.

(h/t: The Daily Dot)

This is FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and he wants to change the internet as we know it

Image credits: U.S. Federal Communications Commission

Matt Nelson, founder of We Rate Dogs, saw that Mr. Pai followed his page so he asked for help on how to troll him

Image credits: The Dogfather‏

Here’s what he came up with

The internet felt the job was well done