I paint murals for a living which has to be one of the best jobs in the world. My clients have been varied and I usually have some adventure to recount about each commission. The best moment is talking to0 the (so far) very happy clients after I have finished work and I often feel as if I have left a small piece of myself behind. So you can imagine how I felt when one of my clients rang me to say that her mural had been somewhat mauled in a hunt for a gas pipe.

I was called in to take a look and assess the damage. The man who made the holes had filled and plastered the holes with great skill and it was much better than I had feared.

I cleaned the dust off the surrounding wall with a wet cloth and then got to work. I used the photographs I had taken of my original work and then drew it onto the plaster. I then mixed several batches of paint, trying to match the colours exactly, and to recreate the slightly cloudy nature of my painting. It took me about seven hours to do, including stopping to make a fuss of my clients dog, which decided my crossed legs made the perfect place to sit!

I was quite pleased with the outcome and as between commissions I am frequently a Bored Panda fan I thought I would post it here.

I hope you like them.

More info: Leonoramurals.com

The damage

Drawing…you can see I had to re-do this several times

All painted in

The full cabbage

The Cabbage as it appears on the wall

The other section of damaged wall was larger

I was feeling more confident so less rubbing out!

Painted back in

The whole plant