After a Mexican blog posted a picture of a medical resident sleeping behind a desk at a hospital in Monterrey, Mexico, and attacked her for not doing her job, doctors around the world leapt to her defense by posting pictures of themselves caught napping during some of their most grueling shifts. These images are going viral under the hashtag #YoTambienMeDormi (“I've also fallen asleep” in Spanish).

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In the 1980s, a high-profile case involving the death of a girl named Libby Zion at a hospital staffed by exhausted doctors led to the drafting of the Libby Zion Law. This law limits NY physicians' work hours per week to “only” 80, showing just how overworked some of our doctors are.

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A blogger snapped these pics of a sleeping resident in Mexico at 3 a.m.


The writer criticized the young resident, saying that "doctors are obliged to do their work"


There were "dozens of patients who need care," the blogger continued


Mexican doctor Juan Carlos responded by posting a tweet with the hashtag #YoTambienMeDormi (or “I've also fallen asleep”)


Image credits: Equador TV

Soon, hundreds of other doctors began defending the resident


Image credits: Paola Ferez


Image credits: Caro Leyva

Doctors around the world are often severely overworked


Image credits: Melita Way

Some doctors work 36-hour shifts or 80-hour work weeks!


Image credits: Ana Sofia

"We are people, not machines"


Image credits: Paola Ferez


Image credits: Janna Henriquez


Image credits: Paul Alexandru


Image credits: Projecto Diez


Image credits: Ernesto Franjul


Image credits: Sebastian Alzate


Image credits: Euge Traverso Vior


Image credits: Sebastian Alzate

Add your own pictures of doctors napping below!

#1 After A 24 Hour Day Of Duty

After A 24 Hour Day Of Duty

Nina Report

RicciWalker 3 years ago

Until you've done the job DO NOT pass judgment.

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#2 Tired After 36 Hours Of No Sleep

Tired After 36 Hours Of No Sleep

KG Report

JanicePullen 3 years ago

I wish I had pictures of me in full chemical warfare gear, snoring through a gas mask, under a desk. Awaiting triage patients.

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#3 I Am Also Sleeping

I Am Also Sleeping

Mechi Fiu Report

ChristyCummings 3 years ago

As long as they don't fall asleep during a procedure they need to sleep when & where they can

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#5 Only Those Who Are Doctors Understand This

Only Those Who Are Doctors Understand This

Yveth Palomino Report

DianaParker 3 years ago

As a nurse I see how hard our Dr.s work and the long hours. They are entitled to rest to be on top of their game when needed...shame on the

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#6 I Am Also Sleeping

I Am Also Sleeping

Marina Cameron Report

JunkaMihova 3 years ago

I think the blogger should admire the medical resident of resting at work, not going home, in order to be available, instead of criticizing

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#8 Same In France !

Same In France !


MaryCollins 3 years ago

My Sister is an ER Nurse and she has worked well past her shift many times. F877K that blogger!

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#10 2am Nap

2am Nap


Dr-GaurabJana 3 years ago

This is really sad to see, how doctors have to take rest.

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