This year the Marvel universe brought back the Avengers and their allies to the big screen, but even these dashing superheroes couldn’t protect themselves from puberty. You might remember seeing some of our favorite heroes endure their awkward years on screen - Scarlett Johansson in “Home Alone 3” anyone? While some of these other photos may shock you. We already showed you what the Avengers would look like according to the comics, but are you prepared to see Captain America with a bowl-cut and braces? or Hawkeye with a mullet? Bored Panda rounded-up of your favorite Avenger cast members before they were saving the planet. Check it out below and don't forget to up-vote your faves.

#1 Groot

Groot , Maja Dumat Report

PyroarRanger 1 month ago

Look at how much he's grown! Groot is great!

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#2 Rocket Racoon

Rocket Racoon Report

Aud Wey 1 month ago

So freakin' cute!!!!!!

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#5 Loki

Loki , twhiddleston Report

eleven's eggos 1 month ago

That smile gave it away... it's my BABE

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#6 Thor

Thor , chrishemsworth Report

*incoherent screaming* 1 month ago

Which one's liam and which one's chris? Excuse me, i mean, which one' s gale and which one's thor?

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#7 Mantis

Mantis Report

A Little Light Arson 1 month ago

Definitely one of my new favourite characters :P

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#8 Hawkeye

Hawkeye , renner4real Report

Dowbo 1 month ago

Haircut makes him look like He-Man!

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#9 Gamora

Gamora , zoesaldana Report

Alex K 1 month ago

they turn green at puberty

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#10 Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch , elizabetholsenofficial Report

Sveta Smirnova 1 month ago

I like her better compared to her twin sisters

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