Spanish artist Gerard Mas, who is currently based in Barcelona, creates humorous marble sculptures that combine quirky, cheeky attitude of modern day culture with reserved behavioral traits of Renaissance era.

Sculptor shows elegant 15th-century ladies picking their noses, chewing gum and blowing bubbles, or using headsets while talking on the phone. "I thought about the millions of attitudes and situations that old artworks couldn't capture because they were simply inappropriate for a lady in the 15th century," Mas says. "I decided to try to do it in an old media and style. It was something like an invented old art. After that, the anachronisms came and pop elements, too, as a natural evolution."

Scroll down to see these ironic sculptures for yourself!

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"Look at that focus." "I know - she's been training for this one event since she was seven." "Difficulty level of Five..." "And here she goes, into the build-up ..." "Whoa; she's done it! A Double-inverse Deep-gouge with Final Flick! What a performance!"

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