There’s nothing like a good prank to lighten the mood and brighten up our day. And one prankster who recently pulled the wool over someone’s eyes in an original way is Emily Cain who lives in England.

Most of us have gotten someone’s number only to later wonder what we should do with it. It’s always difficult to know the best way to act. Should we be polite and text them? Should we ignore them completely? Should we realize our lifelong dream of moving to the Swiss Alps with a romantic stranger? Or should we do what Emily did and prank the heck out of them?

Em made the guy think that he adopted a chimp named Bubbles and that he was donating money every time he sent a message.

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A guy gave Emily his number and she made him believe he adopted a chimp named Bubbles

Image credits: emcainxo

Image credits: emcainxo

But it wasn’t over just yet

Image credits: emcainxo

Image credits: emcainxo

I’ve gotta say, I love Emily’s sense of humor. She knows what’s what. The guy she was pranking, though—he got way too angry when he found out it was all a joke. Instead of laughing at himself, he viciously insulted Em.

Those kinds of swearwords don’t belong anywhere in the context of Bubbles the chimp, don’t you agree? Also, how naive can you be, buddy? There’s no such thing as an automatic chimp adoption system. We’re not living in ‘Planet of the Apes.’ (Yet..!)

Jokes aside, you really can adopt a chimp. Well, symbolically at least. It’ll stay in a zoo or a reservation, not in your home. Think of it as crowd-sourced adoption or a living-breathing representation of the idiom “it takes a village to raise a child.”

There are various organizations that send you updates on how your chimp’s doing, usually for a weekly or monthly support fee. For example, Save the Chimps lets you support ‘retired’ apes and promises you regular video updates. While Born Free sends you an adoption pack which includes a soft toy, a certificate, and a glossy photo of your new pal.

Born Free explains that chimps (along with bonobos) are our closest living relatives, are very intelligent and live in “complex social groups.” The global chimp population has declined due to diseases, habitat loss, and hunting. Their greatest enemies are ebola, anthrax, and people who think their meat’s delicious.

The world of chimps is “a hidden and exclusive world within our human-dominated one”

Bored Panda reached out to Liz Greengrass, the Head of Conservation at Born Free, to hear about why every one of us should seriously consider financially supporting a chimp. Here’s what she had to say: “I spent seven years studying a wild group of chimpanzees in Tanzania and they are charismatic and amazing animals! Like all social and highly intelligent species, once you can identify individuals, learn who’s who, and their backstories, studying them is a soap opera.”

“They exhibit love and a strong sense of kinship and play and laugh and joke around. At the same time, just like humans, they exhibit a dark side: male rivalry, murder, infanticide, and war,” Greengrass noted. “Each is an individual with a complex personality and human-like emotions. As human’s closest living relative, it is their differences as much as their similarities that enthrall. And like all sentient species, they watch and they judge and sometimes try to interact with you.”

She continued: “Stepping into the world according to wild chimpanzees is like stepping into a parallel universe. It is a hidden and exclusive world within our human-dominated one.”

“Supporting the protection of chimpanzees does so much more; it helps protect their habitat, the abundance and diversity of species that co-occur with them, and the ecosystem services that local human populations rely upon, which contribute to livelihoods, health, and wellbeing. Chimpanzees are a flagship species highlighting our need to place our natural world at the forefront of our development.”

Some people got angry at Em for her prank

Image credits: emcainxo

Image credits: emcainxo

While others loved her sense of humor

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