Dog owner Sean Farrell loves his buddy Buster so much, he thought it should get his own dog house. After browsing the internet for some inspiration, he decided to give up a corner in his home and build Buster a “boudoir.” Despite having “absolutely no experience in carpentry and making things like this,” the DIY project turned out absolutely pawesome.

“Buster is my 12-year-old rescue Staffordshire Bull Terrier,” Sean, 47, told Bored Panda. “I’ve had him just over 2years. He’s not had the best life, and that changed the day I met him. Initially, I was only supposed to foster him, but I fell in love, and we [both] knew we were meant to be together.”

“Due to bad experiences in his life, he doesn’t like to be around single men, and when we’re alone at home, he stays on his own in the bedroom. He will only come down when other people are here as well. Or for walks and food,” Sean said. “We’ve been working really, really hard on his trust issues. And because his behavior has improved so much, he is now a therapy dog, and we visit residential homes hospitals and a brain injury rehabilitation clinic. He also accompanies people with low social skills, autism, agoraphobia, etc. out shopping.”

“The boudoir was an idea to give Buster a cozy space of his own in the same room as me. To really let him know he can be safe around me and feel secure in his little den at the same time. [After finishing it], he went in there almost instantly. It has been a few weeks now and he’s happy to sleep and hang out in his house.”

 In total, Sean has spent around £80-£100 ($104-$131) on his adorable dog’s new crib. The man has been updating Buster’s Facebook page with pics of the multi-day home project, and his fans are loving it.

“As it was in my own living room, I wanted it to blend in and look part of the room,” Sean explained. “I had no real plan, I just bought some wood and plyboard, and just did it as I went along due to its enormous success with over 20 million views on Facebook.”

“‘Imagine being a monkey’ on the front is the first line from a lullaby I sing to him when he has bad dreams.”

“A lot of the cosmetic finishes, like the TV and shelf and mood lighting, were really just a bit of fun, but the cooling fan works really well,” Buster’s owner said. “It’s all battery run, so no electrics are in there. The items were just lying around the house.”

“There are also pictures of my previous dog Zook on the wall. Zook was a bit of a celebrity. He was disabled and had a very large Internet following all over the world.” Zook passed at age 17, but if it wasn’t for him, Sean would’ve never found Buster.

“From start to finish, the boudoir took me about four days to make. After I painted it and used carpet adhesive, Buster wasn’t allowed in for another 2 weeks.”

“I’ll never fuss or play with him when he’s in there as I want him to feel it’s his own little safe space. But if he wanders on to my turf, he’s in tug o war hell.”

“I’m absolutely blown away by the response it had from hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. Staffordshire Bull Terriers are getting very bad press, and it’s so lovely to be able to show them that they are beautiful, cute dogs that deserve a wonderful life as family pets and not in animal shelters.”

People fell in love with Buster’s new pad