When the first frost bites the tip of your nose, when the snow squeaks under your feet, and when the cold winds blows all your troubles away, you know that the most modestly beautiful season of the year has come. However, the beauty of winter often finds its way into our hearts through contrast, thus there‘s probably no cozier sight for your eyes than a distant light from a little house, waiting for you to come over after a solitary winter walk.

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From Lapland to Swiss Alps and from Norway to Poland, these silent footprints of human existence sitting on a sleek winter bed are to be found in many curious places. Here’s a collection of the most beautiful winter sceneries, brightened up with little houses.

If you have a photo of such winter house or you live in one yourself, share it with us through the submission system below.

#1 Winter Fairytale

Winter Fairytale

taurus13 Report

KimBierma 3 years ago

Pulling in, in the cold weather. Evaluating. Not every ball of yarn can be untangled. That's ok.

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#2 Polar Night, Finland

Polar Night, Finland

Terho Mäkelä Report

GiovanaBetin 3 years ago


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#3 Red


imgur.com Report

MichelleGoldsmith 3 years ago

So long as Sainsbury's / Safeway / Ocado / Amazon deliver, this is my ideal spot!! (maybe by parachute? ;-)

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#4 House In The Forest

House In The Forest

wallwidehd.com Report

IsabelTopps 3 years ago


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#5 Stokholm, Sweden

Stokholm, Sweden

pichost.me Report

Adrienne Louise Salvo 3 years ago

Unbelievable :O I want to live there :D

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#6 A Little House In Snowy Forest

A Little House In Snowy Forest

wallpapers4u.net Report

RaktimaBose 3 years ago

this looks so much like the witch's house in Hansel and Gretl!

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#7 Alps


Florin Biscu Report

JenniferScott 3 years ago

So enchanting....

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#8 Lapland, Finland

Lapland, Finland

Andrey Chabrov Report

JenniferScott 3 years ago


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#9 Red House In Snowy Norway

Red House In Snowy Norway

Tzvika Stain Report

EllesBell 3 years ago


#10 Tirol, Austria

Tirol, Austria

Bill Jewitt Report

AngieAltura-Ricamara 3 years ago

This photo gives me the creeps

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#11 Bergsdalen Mountains, Norway

Bergsdalen Mountains, Norway

Espen Haagensen Report

Natalia Higginson 3 years ago

It looks very lonely.

#12 Tromso, Norway

Tromso, Norway

Antony Spencer Report

NataliaHigginson 3 years ago

Oh, how beautiful.

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#13 La Maison Jaune

La Maison Jaune

Andre Villeneuve Report

EllesBell 3 years ago

Awesome photo <3

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#14 Abandoned Cabin, Iceland

Abandoned Cabin, Iceland

Þorsteinn H Ingibergsson Report

EllesBell 3 years ago

Absolutely stunning <3

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#15 Öxnadal, Iceland

Öxnadal, Iceland

Oscar Bjarnason Report

SofiaFürstenberg 3 years ago

Poetic, harsh and soft, I want to go there!

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#16 Dents Du Midi In The Swiss Alps

Dents Du Midi In The Swiss Alps

Martin Stantchev Report

GoustanBodin 3 years ago

Tiny speck of humanity lost into the grandiose wilderness...

#17 Karkonosze Mountains, Poland

Karkonosze Mountains, Poland

Piotr Krzaczkowski Report

RichardPetch 3 years ago

That looks a bit too bleak for me.

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#18 A Cabin In The Woods

A Cabin In The Woods

wallpapers4u.net Report

RachelLi 3 years ago

"Cabinssss" in the woods

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#19 Norway


Andre Oen Report

gaz 3 years ago

In Canada a lot of people had summer cottages when they invented snowmobiles they started getting robbed during the winter.

#20 Lonely Hunting Snowbound Lodge In Dolomites, Italy

Lonely Hunting Snowbound Lodge In Dolomites, Italy

Oleg Ivanov Report